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I am going to break the formats in details as you read through, I can help you promote your offline/online business, start-up, seminar, brands, products etc. to my targeted readers and you will get a good value for your money.

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Sponsored Post

I can publish a sponsored post about your business, product, brand, website, blog, start up, seminar, announcement, etc. I will also promote the sponsored post on my viral social networks.

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But if you want to promote your business, product or services

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Who Writes the Post?

Since you know your business, brand or product more than I do, then you are to write the article and send to me. If you can’t write, pay someone to write for you. I can also help you come up with a simple article though, depending if I can get some basic details about your business from you. And when you are done with the article, please send it to

Ready to get started?

I accept payments via Bank Deposit, Online bank transfer, or Wire Transfer. I will begin promoting your business as soon as the funds reaches my account.

Cool, I am interested. What Should I Do?

==> Send a mail to with the subject ”Interested in a Sponsored Post or Banner Ads Placement”. I will get back to you as soon as possible to negotiate deals.

Can I Call You?

==> You can call me, but I might not pick your call if am busy at work or if you call at late hours. I prefer you text or email me so I can easily follow up with our discussion. You can call and text me with +2347063911482 or email me with

Just imagine some potential buyers search for where to buy your product in Google and stumbles on a post about your business on my-award winning website Austine Media you know what that means???
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NB: I do not refund payments once your advert or post goes live.

This is the way your Ads banner will look like on my website.

My Regards!!

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