How to Overcome Inferiority Complex

how to overcome inferiority complexIn this post I am going to be talking about the major trait that has deprived many people of achieving success and that trait is called Inferiority Complex. Now before I proceed, let’s see the meaning of inferiority complex. Inferiority complex is defined by psychologists as a negative feeling (usually of shame and anxiety) triggered in certain situations by viewing oneself as inferior to others in some way.

Some of the symptom of inferiority complex include; social withdrawal, shyness, hiding your vulnerabilities, overworking and even trying to impress, feelings of rejection, feeling incapable, feeling nervous, feeling inferior, feeling intimidated, etc.

One of the most interesting theories in psychoanalysis is that people who have a feeling of inferiority tend to try and compensate for it by having remarkable achievements in some other area. However, feeling inferior is not all bad and can act as a motivator towards performance and success. It can only lead to antisocial and destructive behavior in an attempt to get rid of bad feelings.

So therefore, in this post I am going to reveal some of the basic element that you help you eliminate and overcome inferiority complex. Even as bad as feeling inferior may be, there is an inferiority complex treatment and that is what I am going to be emphasizing more on this post.

Everyone knows that inferiority complex generates a lot of anxiety and personal frustration. If you feel less important than other people, if you feel that nobody cares about you, if you feel insignificant, irrelevant, unreliable and uncontained, it’s clear that you’re suffering from this complex called Inferiority Complex.

Inferiority complex is a serious problem that will eventually undermine your self-esteem, which you must take care of in order to lead an emotionally full and satisfying life. Therefore having healthy self-esteem is the foundation to being happy and taking on everything with enthusiasm.

Inferiority is mostly a learned feeling, you only feel inferior when you decide to, and you can overcome it when you decide to, so therefore, being inferior is a matter of choice. If you feel that you have inferiority complex within you and you feel this is a psychological problem, just sit down and read through, because I am going to reveal some of the principles that will help you unravel this situation.

Now here are the principles that will help you overcome inferiority complex and make you become courageous in your day to day activities.

Socialize and Interact With People

People with inferiority complex tend to avoid social interactions and relationship. Even if they have them, they won’t open up very much because they are not comfortable with exposing themselves as they are. They feel that their opinion is not authentic; they tend to look down on their opinion and fear that people might laugh at them when they make irrelevant comment or mistake. The remedy to this menace is for you to put yourself out there and say what is on your mind and don’t panics when they make fun of you, at list you have expressed your feelings and believe me, out of 100 percent, 60 percent will still value your opinion. The worst thing is if you don’t make any comment at all and allow your inferiority complex to take over you.

Manage Your Thinking.

Inferiority complex is created by distorted thinking which gives too much meaning to certain flaws. It’s important to learn how to detect and actively change this distorted thinking. As you change your thinking, gradually replace it with more accurate thinking, your feelings and thinking of being inferior, then inferiority complex will begin to go away or diminish. Inferiority complex makes people feel that if they do things they won’t survive or succeed in it, fear is the only grip to people’s success, when you start allowing fear to take all over your life then it will be impossible for you to overcome inferiority complex. You must be positive in your thinking, always think of things that are valuable or will add value to your life and not things that will degrade your personality and make you feel inferior.

I advice you to manage your thinking very well, don’t think of failure rather think of success, don’t think of bad rather think of good. This inferiority complex has eaten deep into many guys mind to the extent when a guy confront a girl he will almost freeze out because he will be having the feeling that the girl may reject or embarrass him. But I would like to let the guys in this kind of situation to know that most girls value and respect guys that are courageous and smart. So never look down on yourself, try your luck, it is only two things that is involve, it is either she say Yes or No. So manage your thinking very well and don’t think negative.

Identify The Symptoms & Constantly Improve Yourself

You have to identify your symptoms, your weaknesses and constantly improve them. If you are very used to always feeling inferior all the time, experiment for a moment and think. You must be aware of that intangible thought that you yourself put in your mind. And it will be yourself who gets rid of it, with time and patience. Maybe your mind is clustered with too much negative thoughts and feelings. It is you that can get rid of that and not anyone else.

Psychologists have made us to understand that, it is much harder to feel inferior when you know that you are improving as a person each and every day. Develop your skills, work on yourself, make a difference, do things that will add meaning to your own life and your self-image will improve. As you do this, that is how any trait of inferiority complex will begin to diminish.

Always keep in mind that an effective inferiority complex treatment requires a lot of practice and a lot of persistence from your part. It is these two qualities that will benefit you the most in your journey of self-transformation and enable you to stay strong, be courageous and overcome or eliminate any inferiority complex that comes your way.

If you follow these tips that I have stipulated above, then you will be able to overcome inferiority complex.

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