10 Kids On Earth With Real Superpower You Won’t Believe

In this article I will be sharing with you 10 kids in the world with real superpower you won’t believe. You will be amazed to know that there are real superheroes among us. Their extreme superpowers are purely natural and the most shocking thing is that they are just kids. So therefore after a careful study and research I present to you 10 kids in the world with real superpower you won’t believe.

1. Maya Gamata

Among the kids with real super powers is Maya Gamata. This 9 year old pretty girl can read what she cannot see. She has a remarkable ability to read while blindfolded. This girl can recognize colours, alphabets, peoples gestures while blindfolded and even do body scanning. Medical experts around the world were amazed by this little girl’s ability.

2. Ivan Stoiljkovic

Among the kids with real super powers is Ivan Stoiljkovic from Croatia. At the age of six, Ivan became famous for being a magnetic child. Ivan has a strong magnetic film that attracts several metal objects. His parents stated that Ivans strength allows him to carry almost 50 pounds of metal on his magnetic body and that the magnetic waves on his body have healing properties.

3. Emma Tablate

Among the kids with real super powers is Emma Tablate from Philippines. Emma Tablate is a pretty three year old girl from Philippines dubbed the ‘fire starter’. She can set things on fire by the power of her mind. Emma Tablate was living a normal childhood life until people started associating her with fire outbreaks wherever she went. When the police once arrive their home to investigate the matter Emma Tablate stated that something will burn in the house and it did.

4. Anna Belysh

Among the kids with real super powers is Anna Belysh from Russia. By the age of 10 this Russian girl was already displaying her unique strength by doing 1500 push-ups in less than an hour in front of an audience earning her a place in the Guinness book of world records.

5. Ben Underwood

Among the kids with real super powers is Ben Underwood from California in the United States of America. When he suffered retinal cancer at the age of three, Ben became blind. What is incredible is that he is able to see without his eyes. Ben uses eco location by clicking his tongue which enables him to walk without a walking stick and even plays sports. Ben Underwood was completely blind from the age of 3, but taught himself to use echolocation to live a full and active life.

6. Nong You-hui

Among the kids with real super powers is Nong you-hui from China. This Chinese boy was born with blue eyes that look green in daylight. So far it isn’t an issue even though both parents are black eyed and there’s no family history of another color. Besides his crystal blue eyes it’s interesting that at night this boy has perfect vision and his eyes glow like those of a cat when light shines on them.

7. Alani Dos Santos

Among the kids with real super powers is Alani Dos Santos from Brazil. This little girl has been dubbed the little missionary. This little girl from brazil is gifted with healing. She is becoming very popular in India and Brazil, People who have suffered terrible illnesses for a long time have now felt better after spending time in the presence of this super hero kid.

8. Gabby Gingras

Among the kids with real super powers is Gabby Gingras from the United States of America. This young girl doesn’t feel any pain at all. Even though she doesn’t feel any pain, she is always accompanied by someone who monitors her every move to make sure she doesn’t injure herself as she goes to her gym class and plays ball games. When she was still a toddler, her teeth had to be removed because while growing up she always chewed her fingers and scratched her gums. Still she doesn’t feel any pain at all.

9. Hasnaa Muslumani

Among the kids with real super powers is Hasnaa Muslumani from Lebanon. This 12 year old teenage girl from Lebanon recently discovered that she has an unusual ability. While studying Hasnaa felt a foreign object in her eye and when her mother took her to the doctor, three pieces of glass were removed from her eye. The pieces of glass are wrapped in a gelatinous membrane so she doesn’t feel any pain at all when that happened.

10. Boriska Kipriyavonich

Among the kids with real super powers is Boriska Kipriyavonich from Russia. This peculiar alien boy who claim he came from Mars. He stated that he is not from earth. This boy puzzled experts and thousands of people by claiming that before he was born he was a Martian From an early age, Boriska believes he had a previous life on Mars, before he was born on earth and begins telling experts about his past experience on the Red Planet. He claimed to be a Martian and was reborn on Earth to begin a new life cycle.

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