10 Nigerian Celebrities Who Died Within The Space Of 8 Months

In this article I will be sharing with you 10 Nigerian celebrities who died within the space of months. This is not the best of times for the Nigerian entertainment industry as no fewer than 10 celebrities have died within a space of eight months. These celebrities entertained us through movie and music and we can’t forget them because of the tremendous role they played in the entertainment industry.

So after a careful study and research I present to you 10 Nigerian celebrities who died within the space of 8 months.

1. David Mela

David Mela who has acted in over a dozen of Nollywood movies died on Monday evening, 11th January 2021. He is a young Nollywood actor and a model. David Mela passed away after battling an undisclosed sickness. The young actor was said to be passing through a hard time in his life as revealed by a post on social media before his untimely death.

2. Sadiq Daba

Veteran broadcaster Sadiq Daba died on Wednesday 3rd March 2021. Sadiq Daba had battled with leukemia and prostate cancer before his demise. While confirming his death, popular filmmaker Kunle Afolayan, said he spoke with his wife and son who confirmed to him that the celebrated broadcaster have left this planet.

3. Jim Lawson

The Imo state born veteran actor died on 9th January 2021 after reportedly complaining of body pains at around 12 pm in the afternoon. Before his death, Jim Lawson Maduike was a famous Nollywood actor, radio broadcaster, writer, voice-over artist, filmmaker and a television personality. He joined the Nollywood movie industry in 2004 and has since acted in more than 150 movies.

4. Dan Nkoloagu

Dan Nkwoloagu is a Nollywood star actor that was well known for his Native Doctor roles in Nollywood’s epic movies. According to sources, the Imo State born actor was said to have died after complaining of body pains at around 12pm on Saturday, 22nd January 2021. His son, Dan Nkoloagu Jnr, announced his death on his Facebook page. He wrote; “It was a black Friday for us yesterday as my dad left us without saying goodbye.”

5. Bruno Iwuoha

Veteran Nollywood actor, Bruno Iwuoha, died on Friday 10th April 2021, after a prolonged battle with diabetes. Bruno Iwuoha hails from Ehime Mbano Local Government Area in Umunumo Umuanunu kindred of Imo state. He was 68 years old when he died and survived by his wife and six children.

6. Ernest Asuzu

Veteran Nollywood actor Ernest Asuzu popularly known as El-Cream died on Tuesday evening, 26th January 2021. His wife, Jennifer Asuzu, who confirmed the sad incident said he fainted on Tuesday evening and never woke up. Ernest Asuzu, who hailed from Imo State, grew up in Lagos. In the late 90s he was into music and was a rapper, producer, director, and a television personality. He became more popular after featuring in a number of movies including “Rituals” a movie that was produced by Kenneth Nnebue.

7. Rachel Oniga

Racheal Oniga was a Nigerian actress, who died at the age of 64 years old. She featured in scores of Nollywood movies both English and Yoruba before her demise. Rachel Oniga began her acting career in 1993, shortly after her divorce. She was originally from Eku, Delta State. She married a Yoruba man, but the marriage collapsed after she claimed another woman bewitched her husband and father of her children. Among her popular works are Out of Bounds, Owo Blow, The Wedding Party, 30 Days in Atlanta and Power of Sin. In recognition of her contribution to Nigerian theatre, she was gifted an apartment in Ikorodu by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

8. Sound Sultan

Sound Sultan real name is Olanrewaju Fasasi. He was a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, comedian, and recording artist. He was regarded as one of the pacesetters of modern hip hop music in Nigeria but died at the age of 44 after battling with throat cancer. He was said to be undergoing treatment for T-cell lymphoma in the United States. He was notable for using his music to speak against poverty, corruption, bad governance and societal ills in Nigeria.

Sound Sultan’s career in show business started in the 90s, when he hosted shows to raise money for studio sessions. By 1999, he had won numerous local talent-hunt shows. He released his first single Mathematics Jagbajantis in 2000, which was a hit in Nigeria. After independently releasing other singles and featuring in hit songs of other artists, he was signed by Kennis Music.

9. Rich Oganiru

Popular Nollywood actor Rich Oganiru died on Tuesday 10th August 2021. Rich Oganiru died at the age of 64 years old after battling sickness for months without funds to cater for his health. The news of his demise was announced on Facebook by his friend, EmstarVee. According to EmstarVee’s post, “Sunset At Noon, Tuesday 10th August 2021. I’ve lost a good friend like a brother for years, a great Nollywood actor par excellence. I’m just speechless. R.I.P Amb. Rich Oganiru.”

Before the death of the actor, a video of Rich Oganiru lying in his sick bed while begging for financial assistance surfaced online two weeks ago. “Please, everyone should reach out before he dies,” the video was captioned.

10. Victor Decker

Victor Decker was a veteran Nollywood actor who was found dead in his apartment on 15th February 2021 by his neighbors. Victor Decker was found lifeless on the floor when neighbors reportedly broke into his apartment on Monday evening after they did not see him for days.

While the cause of his death is unknown, the decomposing corpse of the 72-year-old Actor was said to have been evacuated by 5 pm on 15th July 2021. Victor Decker featured in movies such as Double Strings, If I am President and Lotanna.

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