10 Nigerian Male Celebrities Who Are Accused Of Been Gay

In this article I will be sharing with you 10 Nigerian male celebrities who are accused of been gay. Some notable Nigerian male celebrities have been accused of being gay. The Nigerian entertainment industry has been fueled by rumors and speculations about a few of our favorite male celebrities being gay. One rumor that really seems to get everybody’s attention surrounds Nigerian celebrities and their sexuality. Today, we will be taking a look at some of our Nigerian male celebrities who have been rumored to be gay.

1. Bobrisky

Bobrisky have been rumored to be a gay. The internet personality who has severally denied being gay although agreed he is in a relationship with an influential male politician. Also In a famous interview with Potpourri, Bobrisky openly denied being gay, affirming his earlier claims and stated that he is just a businessman and a cross dresser. Although, despite all his claim of not been a gay, everyone still believes Bobrisky is gay.

2. James Brown

James Brown has been rumored to be a gay. He was even arrested alongside 46 others for being allegedly gay and spent a month at the Ikoyi Correctional Facility in Lagos. James Brown is a cross dresser and many Nigerians have labeled him to be a gay. He has refuted every claim attached to him as being a gay and even stated categorically that he has a girlfriend who satisfied him on bed in several occasion.

3. IK Ogbonna

He was called homosexual by people, but he denied it severely. IK Ogbonna was invited to the Pulse TV studio where he refuted the homosexuals associated with his name. When asked; “What has been the most ridiculous rumour you ever heard about yourself?” He said; “They say IK Ogbonna is a gay, Jesus Christ!!!, does this guy look gay to you? When I heard that one, I couldn’t stop laughing, I am still laughing. First and foremost, I have a foundation that won’t let me do certain things, I was reading a part of the bible with some people the other day – Leviticus 18 : 22, and God calls it an abomination. “I disgust it even the bible does. My love for women is even so much that you must be extremely feminine for me to love you.”

4. Uti Nwachukwu

The rumors of Uti being gay started when he was friends with Alex Ekubo. In fact, it was reported that both men were living together as a couple. Uti Nwachukwu admitted they were living together but gave reasons for it. Saying that it was too expensive to afford a good house then so they both combined their money to get a good house. Trust Nigerians not to believe his story as they spread rumors of Uti Nwachukwu being the wife and Alex being the husband in a gay relationship. Rumors also have it that Alex turned a new leaf which was the reason why both men are no longer close. Alex Ekubo is now in a relationship with a US Model known as Fancy Acholonu and he is planning on marrying her soon.

5. Benson Okonkwo

Benson Okonkwo would need more than a bucket of detergent to wash himself clean of all the allegations of homosexualism that have trailed him over the years. Though the actor says it hurts him, he also admitted that it has brought him fame. The rumours took seed right after he acted so convincingly as a homosexual in three different movies, ‘One Dollar,’ ‘Pregnant Hawker,’ and ‘The Strippers. In an interview, he stated that though a lot of people believe he is gay, he has never been approached by any homosexual person. In his words, ‘Contrary to what some persons think, I have never been sexually harassed by homosexuals. I am not a homosexual.’Perhaps if he was in a relationship with a female, the rumours would have lacked substance.

6. Phyno

Popular Nigerian rapper and music producer Chibuzo Nelson Azubuike popularly known as the Phyno sank the rumors surrounding a supposed photo of him kissing a guy in a club some time ago, and we did not paraphrase what he said at all. Speaking to the Tribune, he said; “The only thing that was in my head when I saw the picture was where did this happen. I said back then that a gangstar like me could not have been involved in something like that. The fact is that, I am not a gangstar and I don’t want people to see me in that light. I think I am too serious and cool for that kind of thing. People say I am gay. That’s laughable because these same people reported some time ago that I impregnated a girl. So you can see that these things don’t work together. My life is all about entertainment, as long as the people are happy about what they read, I am happy too”.

7. Denrele Edun

Eccentric Video Jockey (VJ), Denrele Edun has been called a lot of names ranging from homosexual, cross-dresser, and even transgender. Who can blame the name-callers though? Denrele actively and knowingly fuels those rumours and allegations about his person. He has often been sighted dressed like a woman to events, posting near-nude pictures with feminine poses online, and other such theatrics. The icing on the cake was when a picture surfaced of him kissing the ‘Area Fada’ Charly Boy. They both argued that it was the work of mischievous graphic-artists using photo-editing softwares, but the image had already been ingrained in the minds of many Nigerians, and to them, it only confirmed what they had long since suspected about the Channel O VJ.

8. Charley Boy

Charley Boy has also been rumored to be a gay. His strange lifestyle also contributed to his gay rumors. The images of the kiss with Denrele Edun fueled the rumor. He was quoted saying he is a gay and the leader of the Illuminati in Nigeria. But later on, he denied it and threatened to sue the newspaper that carried the news.

9. Kcee

Rumors of Kcee being gay began in 2014 when a picture of him appearing to be kissing ‘Alobam’ crooner, Phyno went viral and Nigerians wasted no time in tagging them a gay couple. Before this incident, Kcee has already been tagged gay by many Nigerians because he loves wearing colorful clothes. As if this is not crazy enough, last year, Bobrisky vowed that Kcee must marry him. Bobrisky wrote on Instagram; “Emoney please tell your brother Kcee I won’t stop playing his song until your family come and pay my bride price.”

10. Alex Ekubo

Alex Ekubo has also been label a gay because of his close acquaintances with Uti Nwachukwu and IK Ogbonna. It is said that he had left Uti Nwachukwu and he is now rumoured to be dating IK Ogbonna currently. Alex Ekubo addressed his rumoured gay affair with Uti Nwachukwu by saying; “It’s hilarious! Back in the days, when you have a friend who you go out with often, it was cool, people called him your best friend. Now, when they see two guys together, people begin to have weird thoughts. You see, in this business of entertainment, what you need is someone that believes in you to grow.

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