10 Nollywood Celebrities That Have Died In 2019

Nollywood has lost quite of numbers of it members. In this article I will be sharing with you 10 Nollywood celebrities that have died in 2019. These Nollywood practitioners have contributed immensely to the growth of Nollywood in Nigeria and rest of the world. So not to waste much of your time, after a careful study and research I present to you 10 Nollywood celebrities that have died in 2019.

1. Prince Dammy Eke

Prince Dammy Eke is a Nollywood actor and movie producer. He died on 28th April 2019. He died at the age 41 years old. The actor reportedly slumped and was rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead. Prince Dammy Eke slumped and died on 28th April 2019 in Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria. He was 41 years old when he died. Prince Dammy Eke was known for his prominent roles in movies that promote cultural values from the eastern part of the country.

2. Henry Okoro

Henry Okoro is a Nollywood actor and a movie producer. The actor died on 11th May 2019 following injuries sustained during an accident. He dies at the age of 36 years old. He joined the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) since early 2000. He has worked in various parts of the movie industry before he became a camera assistant. Henry Okoro worked as a camera assistant, director of photography, director and an executive producer before finally becoming an actor. He also starred in a couple of movies and has at least 10 movies to his credit before taking a backseat to work behind the camera.

3. Binta Kofar

Popular Kannywood film actress, Binta Kofar Soro, died on 4th May 2019. The deceased usually played ‘motherly’ roles in Kannywood movies. Kannywood is the nick name for the Hausa Movie industry. Binta Kofar Soro before her death was one of the best actress from the northern part of Nigeria. Kannywood actor and a close friend to the deceased, Nuhu Abdullahi, confirmed the death of the actress through a condolence post on social media. Mr. Nuhu Abdullahi said the Kannywood movie industry was shocked over the demise of the talented actress.

4. Tony Anyasodor

Tony Anyasodor is a Nollywood actor and a movie producer. The veteran Nollywood actor died on 7th March 2019 following a battle with an undisclosed terminal ailment. Tony Anyasodor was popular for his roles in several Nollywood movies. Some of the movies he has acted include Heavy Storm, Beyond the Verdict, Fire Dancer and many more.

5. Ishow Larry

Ishow Larry is a Nollywood actor and a movie producer. The popular Nollywood actor and movie producer died on 22nd January 2019. He died at the age of 38 years old after a brief illness. Ishow Larry who started off his career as a make-up artist in the industry later became an actor, before going on to produce his own movies including Ole, Agbara, and many more.

6. Gbenga Akintunde

Popular Yoruba movie actor, Gbenga Akintunde aka Burger died in January 2019 after reportedly complaining of malaria. The death, which was a rude shock, was announced by his colleague, Kunle Afod, on his Instagram handle. Gbenga Akintunde was regarded as one of the best actor in Yoruba movies. He has acted in several Yoruba movies before his untimely death.

7. Paul Emema

Paul Emema is a Nollywood actor and producer. The producer, who was known for producing soap operas like ‘Behind the Clouds’ and ‘Supple Blues’, was confirmed dead from an unknown ailment on 12th March 2019. He was 52 years old when he died. Paul Emema before his death was a scriptwriter, a movie director, and a movie producer. He came to limelight after the production of the hit soap opera, ‘Behind the Clouds,’ for the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). He later went ahead to produce ‘Supple Blues,’ which was well received by the television audience.

8. Ifeanyichukwu Onyeabor

Ifeanyichukwu Onyeabor is a popular Nollywood producer and director. He is the director of the blockbuster movies New Jerusalem and J-Town. The 51-year-old movie director died on duty while filming in Jos, the capital city of Plateau on 19th April 2019. He was an AMAA nominee and will be remembered for some of his works that include ‘New Jerusalem,’ ‘My Mother’s Heart, 5 Apostles, Darkest Knight,’ and ‘One Good Turn. The cause of death was not disclosed but reports said he died of suspected heart attack.

9. Eddie Ugbomah

Eddie Ugbomah is a veteran Nollywood actor and filmmaker. The veteran actor shot into limelight with the famous name Oyenusi in the blockbuster movie “Oyenusi” a film which portray the true life of Nigerian rugged criminal Oyenusi. He died at the age of 78 years old on 11th May 2019 after a health challenge. He has produced a number of movies that blazed the trail. Before his death, the filmmaker held the record of the only African to have shot 13 films on celluloid. His movies include The Rise and Fall of Oyenusi, The Boy is Good, Mr. President and many more.

10. Theodore Anyanji

Theodore Anyanji is a veteran Nollywood actor and filmmaker. He died on 24th November 2019 in Lagos. The deceased battled a heart and kidney-related ailment for months before he finally gave up the ghost. Before his death a fundraiser was announced on his behalf on social media on 6th November 2019 but it yielded little or no result. The actor reportedly passed on at a prayer healing church in Festac, Lagos State, Nigeria. Theodore Anyanji was a member of the Directors Guild of Nigeria and made countless Nollywood hits movies. One of his famous works was ‘Ada Mbano’ which unarguably launched the film career of Nollywood star actress Queen Nwokoye.

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