10 Real Facts About Yvonne Nelson You Probably Didn’t Know

Yvonne Nelson is one of the most influential actress in Ghana. She has been in the movie industry for over a decade. She joined the Ghana movie industry popularly known as Ghallywood 15 years ago. So therefore, in this article I will be sharing with you 10 real facts about Ghanaian famous actress Yvonne Nelson that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Yvonne Nelson is a famous Ghanaian actress, model, film producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and a television personality. She is popularly known for playing romantic roles in movies. She is very beautiful, gifted, skillful, creative and talented in acting and interpretation of movie roles. She knows how to interpret her roles very well and can fit in any character given to her by movie directors and producers in Ghana and Nigeria.

  2. Yvonne Nelson was born on 12th November 1985 in Accra, Ghana. She is currently 33 years old. She is originally from Cape Coast in Ghana. She completed her primary school education at St. Martin De Porres School in Accra, Ghana and obtained her First School Leaving Certificate. After completing her primary school education, Yvonne Nelson went further to Aggrey Memorial Senior High School in Accra, Ghana and obtained her West African Senior School Certificate. While she was still in secondary school she was actively involve in drama and performing act. She was a member of a dramatic club in her high school and attended several presentation and stage play with them.

  3. Yvonne Nelson after completing her primary and secondary school education proceeded to Central University College in Accra, Ghana and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management. While still in the university as an under graduate she started attending movie auditions and acting as minor character in movies.

  4. Yvonne Nelson started her acting career professionally in 2000. She officially joined the Ghana movie industry popularly known as Ghallywood and started attending movie auditions in Ghana. In 2007, she rose to fame after starring as a lead character in the Ghanaian blockbuster movie “Princess Tyra” a movie that gave her an award for Most Promising Actress in Ghana at the Africa Movie Academy Awards and Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

  5. After her success in Princess Tyra, Yvonne Nelson went to Nigeria and shot about five more movies which launched her career in Nollywood and made her a public figure in Nigeria. She has been regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses in Ghana and Africa as a whole. She has been regarded as the richest actress in Ghana by many ranking media in the internet. Yvonne Nelson is currently married with a lovely kid. In 2013, Yvonne Nelson won the Pan African Actress Award at the annual Nigerian Entertainment Awards which was held in New York City in the United States of America.

  6. Yvonne Nelson aside from acting is also a super model. In 2005, Yvonne Nelson partook in the Ghana prestigious beauty pageant “Miss Ghana” but could not a reach the crown. Yvonne Nelson has acted in over 150 Nollywood and Ghanaian movies which include Princess Tyra, Crime to Christ, Tears of Womanhood, Passion of the Soul, Plan B, The President’s Daughter, Games People Play, The King is Mine, Forbidden Fruit, and many more. She feature mostly in love and romantic movies and always play the role of a house wife, smart girlfriend, runs girl and industrious young business woman.

  7. Yvonne Nelson aside from acting and modeling is also a movie producer. After much success in acting and modeling, in 2011 Yvonne Nelson decided to produce her first movie titled “The Price” after which she produced another movie titled “Married the Next Year” which was regarded as the highest grossing box office film in Ghana cinema. Yvonne Nelson is very beautiful and rated as the fourth most beautiful actress Ghana by many ranking media and organization.

  8. Yvonne Nelson in the cause of her acting career has won several awards and personal achievements both home and abroad. In 2013, Yvonne Nelson won the “Best Picture Award” at the Ghana Movie Awards and “Best Ghanaian Movie in Nigeria” at the City Peoples Entertainment Awards. In 2008, Yvonne Nelson was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards. In 2009, she won the Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards. She has acted in several Ghanaian movies and has been rated as the highest paid actress in Ghana. She always features in romantic movies alongside with Van Vickers, Majid Michel, John Dumelo, Frank Artus, amongst others.

  9. Yvonne Nelson aside from acting, model and producing is also a philanthropist and a humanitarian. In 2010, she founded the Yvonne Nelson Glaucoma Foundation which she uses to create awareness about chronic diseases that are killing people on a daily basis. Her charity organization is also helping people especially the less privileged and physical challenge. With the support from other Ghanaian celebrities, she recorded an all-star charity single and shot a video to help educate people to avoid diseases that cause death. In 2014, Yvonne Nelson was given a ‘Special Recognition Award’ by the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards and the special recognition event was held in Accra the capital city of Ghana.

  10. Yvonne Nelson currently has an estimated net worth of over $3 million, making her the richest actress in Ghana. She is also very beautiful and currently one of the richest and most accomplished actress in Ghana. Aside from acting, Yvonne Nelson is also into real estate investment. She is very popular on social media with more than a million followers on her official Instagram handle and Facebook page and has been regarded as the third most beautiful actress in Ghana and currently the richest actress in Ghana. In 2013, Yvonne Nelson was honored by GoWoman Magazine and Printex for the success of her Glaucoma Foundation and her film production career. Yvonne Nelson has taken it upon herself, together with other celebrities in Ghana alongside with the masses in protests against the energy crisis in her country.

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