136 Children Have Been Abducted By Gun Men In Niger State

Gunmen have abducted 136 students from an Islamic school in Niger State. An armed gang on motorcycles attacked the town of Tegina in the state on Sunday. State government officials reveal that they were contacting parents to ascertain the exact number of missing children. But reports revealed that over 136 children were abducted by the unknown gun men.

Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari in a statement issued late on Monday, said security agents were searching for the missing children. Niger state deputy governor, Ahmed Mohammed told reporters that the number of missing children had been established.

According to his words; “We can now confirm that a total of 136 students were abducted,” Ahmed Mohammed said at a news conference in the state capital.

Criminal gangs carrying out kidnapping for ransom are blamed for a series of raids on schools and universities in northern Nigeria in recent months in which more than 800 students have been abducted since December last year.

Ahmed Mohammed told reporters that Niger state would not pay any form of ransom to the abductors; rather the security agencies will forcefully search and rescue the abducted children.

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