17-Year-Old Boy Reveals Why His Parents Dumped Him On The Road After Giving Birth To Him

In an interview with Afrimax English, Patrick a 17-year-old boy revealed that he was devastated when he was told that his parents dumped him on the road after they gave birth to him, however, he has learnt to move on without them. Patrick’s grandfather, Everest who spoke to Afrimax disclosed that when his son who gave birth to Patrick finished school, he went to the city to look for Job and there he fell in love with a woman who he eventually got married to.

According to Everest, when Patrick was born his parents were not happy because his hands and legs were impaired. He said they thought he would be a burden they would have to carry all through the rest of their lives, so they decided to dump him on the road with the hope that someone would pick him up and take him to an orphanage home, however, God had other plans for the child.

Everest said one faithful day when he was walking in the city he saw a crowd looking at a baby dumped by the roadside and when he moved closer, he discovered that the baby was his grandson so he took the baby to the village and raised him since the parents didn’t want him.

He said when the boy started school, he had no money for a wheelchair so he always carried him on his back to and fro and it wasn’t easy because he was an old man. He said when Patrick came of age, he started asking questions about his parents and so he told Patrick everything that happened.

Speaking to Afrimax, Patrick said after his grandfather told him that his parents dumped him simply because of his disability, he cried for several days and promised that he would never forgive his parents for abandoning him, however, as time went on, he decided to forgive them. He added that despite his condition, he is one of the brightest students in class. He also said he does farm work, cooks, and cleans the house since his grandfather is old and can’t do much.

After Patrick’s first story was aired, several kindhearted people donated money and a wheelchair to him and a visibly excited Patrick prayed for God to bless all those who contributed to putting a smile on his face and that of his grandfather.

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