2021 Is A Dangerous Year – Fr Mbaka Vowed To Fight Back Those Who May Try To Attack Him Again In 2021

Nigerian controversial Catholic priest and the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, Reverend Father Camillus Ejike Mbaka has vowed to fight back those who may try to attack him again in 2021. He stated this yesterday during Sunday holy mass in the ministry’s prayer ground. Fr Mbaka stated that 2021 is not going to be like 2020 and that 2021 is a dangerous year.

The controversial catholic priest vowed to fight back those who may try to attack him again in the year 2021. He stated that the year 2021 will not be the same as 2020 when some ungrateful and some unscrupulous elements who do not like the progress of the work of God would fight him and he remains silent, says he is now fully ready for anyone who will repeat the same in the year 2021.

The Catholic priest lamented on how those who he has sponsored in school and trained in different organization have plotted severally to distract him from the work of God, even when he is fully aware that he has not found their troubles. He issued a serious warning stating that those who are behind the plot to pull Adoration Ministry down should desist from such act or face the consequences that follows it.

He further revealed that no one has ever fought against him and lived to tell the story. According to his words; “No one has ever fight against me and lived to tell the story, what is behind me is too mysterious that I cannot even understand it, He added.

Fr Mbaka further stated that he is highly anointed not because he deserves it nor because of righteousness but the will of God. He said, Adoration Ministry is a gift of the Holy Spirit to Enugu State and South East at large. He stated that he is angry and wonder who some people will choose to be agent of darkness against the ministry of God. He further revealed that some people have been attacking him and he has been silent, but this time, people must know that he serve the God of Moses. He further revealed that no matter who you are, whether you are his mother, father, brother, sister or friend he doesn’t care.

He stated that he will become very hot this 2021 and no man can fight him and live to tell the story. According to his words; “I wonder why some people have choose to be agent of darkness against the ministry of God? You have been attacking me and I have been silent but this time, people must know I serve the God of Moses, whoever you think you are, whether you are my mother, my father, my brother, my sister or a friend, I don’t care” he stated.

Fr Mbaka further stated that those who have been fighting him at the beginning used to think they were winning but at a stage they will fail and perish. He declared that, anyone who will try such in the year 2021 is already cursed including those who are supporting them both secretly and openly. He urged the general public never to put their mouth in any discussion against him anywhere, whether in a saloon, in a workshop, in the market, in newspaper stand or in any gathering of any kind. He stated that if they don’t stop talking trash about him the wrath of God will follow them and consume them.

According to his words; “If you pursue me you will fall.” He also urged those who have secretly stole the ministry’s money thinking he will not know to return it or face anything that follows it. He decreed that, anybody whom the ministry has sponsored in education and has turned against him can never live to tell the story.

Fr Mbaka has been in the internet, newspaper and social media throughout last year 2020 because of his controversial prophecy and sermon about Nigeria and it political leader. Some people are now blaming him saying he is the root cause of Nigeria problem, because in 2015 before the presidential election, he made a public declaration saying that he has a prophecy for Nigeria and the prophecy states that Muhammadu Buhari will lead Nigeria to the promise land. He urged the public to vote Buhari in as president insisting that Buhari will bring in the change that Nigerians have been longing for.

He further stated that Goodluck Jonathan is not competent and not capable of leading Nigeria. He stated that Buhari is the messiah that God has sent to lead Nigerians to the promise land. Unfortunately his prophecy became the exact opposite because Nigeria has become doom and useless since Buhari assumed leadership.

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