4 Nollywood Actors Who Have Died In 2024

The Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) has been hit with a spate of deaths of prominent actors in the year 2024, with popular actors like Mr. Ibu and Sisi Quadri being the latest. The industry, over the years, has lost numerous seasoned veterans and budding talents. As part of tributes to the late actors, it is imperative to reflect upon the invaluable contributions they made to the film industry in Nigeria. So in this article I present to you 4 Nollywood actors that have died in 2024.

1. John Okafor

A day after Sisi Quadri’s demise, the news of the passing of comic actor, John Okafor, popular known as Mr Ibu broke out. The actor renowned for his comedy roles, died at the age of 62, plunging fans and colleagues into mourning. Nigerians acknowledge Mr. Ibu for his talent and unwavering strength amidst personal health challenges. His contribution to Nollywood is unforgettable. This comic figure is destined to endure as an individual, who wields large influence over the nation’s cultural and entertainment space.

John Okafor popularly known as Mr. Ibu is a hilarious Nollywood comic actor, master of ceremony, comedian and a television personality known for his funny role in movies. He is referred to as the funniest actor in Nollywood. He was born on 17th October 1961 in Enugu coal city of Enugu State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. He is currently 62 years old. He was born and raised in Enugu where he completed both his primary and secondary school education and obtained both his First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate.

He has been regarded as one of the highest paid comic actors in Nigeria. He is always known for playing funny roles in comedy movies. He has been in the industry for over 21 years. He always plays the role of a funny man whose lifestyle causes laughter in several Nollywood movies and he feature only on comedy movies.

John Okafor is very gifted, skillful, creative and talented in acting and interpretation of movie roles. He knows how to interpret his roles very well and can fit in any character given to him by movie directors and producers in Nigeria.

Life was very terrible for John Okafor while growing up because he was raise in a poor family. According to him, he had a rough and terrible childhood because he came from a very poor family background. His family is among the Poorest in Enugu State. He once worked as a firewood seller, a hair dresser and a meat butcher to feed his family.

2. Olofa Ina

Veteran Yoruba actor Deji Aderemi popularly known as Olofa Ina, died on Thursday, January 4, 2024. He died at the age of 73 years old. According to reports, the popular actor died of cancer in Lagos State. Olofa Ina was a popular Yoruba actor who made significant contributions to contemporary Yoruba theatre. Baba Ola Ina’s real name is Adedeji Aderemi. He is also known by movie lovers as Baba Olowe.

He was born on May 15, 1950. He was 73 years old when he died. Unfortunately, the veteran actor died in January 2024 at the age of 73. He is from Ede town in Osun state. Until his death, Deji Aderemi Olofa Ina was the Sobaloju of Edeland. Adedeji Aderemi attended St. Peters Anglican Primary School for his primary school education and later Baptist Secondary Modern School for his secondary school education.

Baba Olofa Ina diversified his skills by undergoing vocational training in carpentry and joinery at Olukorede Furniture Industry. Aside from being a carpenter, Baba Olafa Ina worked as a Grade II Officer with the Ministry of Works and Transport, Ibadan, from 1970 to 1977.

After this, he served as a Maintenance Officer with Daladson Hotel, Jericho Reservation, Idi-Isin, Oyo State, until 1980, when he retired to focus on full-time Theatre Arts Practice. Before establishing himself in the world of theatre, Baba Olofa Ina founded the Olofa Ina Theatre Group in 1972, making significant strides by pioneering the staging of epical histories of Yoruba Warlords. These productions were recorded by Nigerian Television (NTV) Ibadan in the 70s.

3. Ethel Ekpe

Veteran Nollywood actress, Ethel Ekpe, who adorned the Nigerian entertainment screen, died of cancer on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 in Lagos State. It was gathered that Ethel Ekpe, well known for playing the role of ‘Segi’ on the Nigerian Television Authority sitcom, ‘Basi and Company’, died after a long battle with cancer.

Ethel Ekpe was born on 30th November 1963 and died on 5th February 2024. She was a Nigerian actress and television personality. Ethel Ekpe was born as the youngest of 5 children on 30 November 1963 in Lagos to civil servant parents.

She graduated from the University of Calabar. She played Segi in Basi and Company. She also had roles in Forever by Amaka Igwe and Sons of the Caliphate, along with Heartbeats by Aguila Njamah, Speak the Word by Tchidi Chikere and Traumatised by Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen.

She was from Yoruba ethnic and a Christian. She was married. Ethel Ekpe was Damilola Adegbite’s aunt. She had cancer in late 2023, Ethel Ekpe died of this illness in Sacramento California, where she resided, on 5 February 2024, at the age of 60.

4. Sisi Quadri

Yoruba Nollywood actor, Tolani Quadri Oyebamiji, popularly known as Sisi Quadri died on March 1, 2024 at the age of 44. He celebrated his 44th birthday on December 25, 2023. His death was announced by some of his colleagues in the Yoruba movie industry. Announcing his death, Nollywood actress, Abiola Bayo wrote on her verified Instagram handle, “You will be greatly missed, Sisi Quadri. May your soul rest in perfect peace.” Another actor, Tunde Yusuf who posted Sisi Quadri’s picture said, “Everything in the world is according to the will of Allah, from Allah we have come and unto Him, we shall return. May God bless, rest your soul, bro.”

Sisi Quadri was born on December 26, 1979 in Iwo town, Osun State. He experienced an unconventional journey to acting. Despite his upbringing in a traditional household with expectations of becoming a Muslim cleric, his passion for the arts initially diverted him towards studying Arabic and the Quran.

However, his fascination with creativity led him to pursue fashion design, and he graduated from a fashion school in 1999. In the early 2000s, Sisi Quadri’s path intersected with destiny when his mentors, Toyin Olaiya and the late Hameeda Shakeem, introduced him to the world of acting. His innate talent quickly captured attention, leading to minor roles before his breakthrough performance in the 2004 Yoruba movie “Seniyan Seranko.”

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