5 Nollywood Actors Who Play The Same Role In Movies

It is difficult to discuss the success of the Nigerian film industry without talking about the stars who have won the hearts of many over the years. Some of these actors have carved a niche for themselves in a way that they have become synonymous with certain roles. But in the past years, new generation of stars have emerged who tend to be acting like some of these older actors. And film producers these days seem to be casting these younger stars in the same role we knew these iconic actors for. So in this article I will be sharing with you 5 Nollywood actors who play the same role in movies.

1. Chiwetalu Agu and Elvis Chibuikem

Chiwetalu Agu has done impressively well for himself as an actor, and has gained popularity in comic and epic films. The way he garnishes his words with funny slangs has distinguished him from other actors. The younger actor who acts like Chiwetalu Agu is Elvis Chibuikem. The way Elvis talks and carries himself in movies makes many believe that he is trying to step into the shoes of Chiwetalu Agu, but he stated during an interview sometime ago that he is not trying to copy Chiwetalu Agu or anybody. Many at first thought he is the biological son to Chiwetalu Agu because everything about them is unique, especially the proverbs and slangs.

2. Nkem Owoh and Muonagor Collins

Since he shot to prominence several years ago, Nkem Owoh has remained a strong force to be reckoned with in Nollywood. Despite the acute competition in the industry, his position in Nollywood has remained unchallenged. But over time, we have seen a younger actor who seems to be acting like him in films, and his name is Muonagor Collins. The case of Nkem Owoh and Muonagor Collins is even more spectacular, because both men share a striking resemblance. When Muonagor Collins emerged on the mainstream of Nollywood a few years ago, many of us even thought that he was Nkem Owoh’s younger brother, only to realize that they are not related at all. Muonagor Collins is often stereotyped as a mischief maker in films, which often reminds us of Nkem Owoh back in the days. And he even talks and acts like the legendary actor Nkem Owoh.

3. Kanayo O. Kanayo and Yul Edochie 

As Nollywood evolved over the years and ritual-related films became a common storyline in the industry, one man who was seen often in many of such films is Kanayo O. Kanayo. He was so good in ritual films that many Nollywood producers and directors were casting him in such roles, and he indeed made a name for himself in that regard as people often call him Nnayi Ritual. But in the past years, the younger actor who seems to be stepping into the shoes of Kanayo O. Kanayo is Yul Edochie. Yul Edochie has been cast as a ritualist in many films in recent years, and he has been quite excellent in those films. He seems to be the toast of producers in ritual films in modern day Nollywood.

4. Pete Edochie and Ugezu J Ugezu

Pete Edochie is a man who doesn’t joke with tradition and the same applies to Ugezu J Ugezu. If you are born in the 90s you will understand what I am talking about. Pete Edochie always play the role of traditional prime minister who is always stronger than the king himself and if you check in the recent produced Nollywood movies you will realize that Ugezu J Ugezu is adopting the same style of acting. Pete Edochie is a Nollywood actor that always uses proverbs and riddles while speaking and the same thing applies to Ugezu J Ugezu. Anyone who watches a movie especially an epic movie acted by Ugezu J Ugezu will always remember the legendary Nollywood actor Chief Pete Edochie.

5. Mercy Johnson and Destiny Etiko

Mercy Johnson is undoubtedly one of Nollywood’s sweethearts, and her versatility in romantic roles had made her a force to reckon with more than a decade ago. But after her marriage to Prince Okojie in 2011, Mercy Johnson stopped taking up romantic roles, and the actress who seems to be acting like her now is Destiny Etiko. Destiny Etiko reminds us of Mercy Johnson before she got married. It is not surprising that Destiny Etiko regards Mercy Johnson as her role model, and Mercy Johnson even calls her “My Daughter”. And good enough, Destiny Etiko is blessed with curves the way Mercy Johnson is.

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