5 Real Facts About Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach You Probably Didn’t Know

Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach, the international Nigerian writer born on 15th February, 1995 has authored over 55 books across all genres of literature and his four developed subjects (Shadrachology, Ideguology, Ojonugwaology and Aruwaology). These subjects and the literary works have gained worldwide circulation and they have been praised.

Below are 5 real facts about the writer:

The international Nigerian writer was born in Ochadamu in Ofu Local Government of Kogi State. He is the first child of eight children in the family of Elder Dr. Idegu Alhaji Solomon and Deaconess Idegu Afor Dorathy. He has previously dated Odiba Ele-Ojo Blessing and currently, it is not rumored about him dating any lady. But, in his recent exclusive chart with Godwin Onyemaechi published in thelaurelsmag.com.ng, on 1st of May, 2021, the writer has indicted readiness to move into a relationship shortly.

The writer began to writer at the age of 17, he began to publish at the age of 22 and his books began to sell at the age of 23. And together, he has over 55 books published by the same publisher: CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing (The Amazon Publishing Companies). He created a subject series called, “The Works of Shadrachology” and a literary series “The Apprehensive”. He named his literary style of writing as “Level to Level Writing Style”. This he developed to convey more points to description. So, his literary or writing style is highly poetic.

The international Nigerian writer published his first book in 2017 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. The first book was his first subject. He is going to publish more three subjects. Ideguology is the second subject developed by the Writer in 2019. His third subject, “Ojonugwaology” was equally published in 2019 whereas, “Aruwaology” his fourth developed subjects was published in 2020. Developing these four subjects have earned him first youngest writer to have the credit. On the subjects, he has written letter to the world leaders through the major international organizations we have to enable them discharge their documented efforts to make these subjects benefit the humanity. The letter was included in his memoir published on 30th August, 2020 to congratulate himself and the humanity upon the manifestation of the purpose.

The writer is so much concern about activism and motivation. In this regards, three of his political articles were published by The Nation Newspaper and The Independent Nigeria few months ago. It is also in that regards, his third subject, “Ojonugwaology” was developed and some of his political works, “The Stakeholder”, “The Revolution” and “The Apprehensive: The Nation” were equally published simply to address political irregularities of the time. In all, this has made him one of the promoters of freedom. On the other hand, some of his works are highly motivational, especially, “The Apprehensive: The Gain”, “Letter To My Father”, “Letter To My Concern” and “My Experience”

The writer was born and brought up in Kogi State. From pre-nursery to University days of his life was experienced in his state. But, he loves traveling out of the state during his years of formal education studies in the state. In 2019, he made his first international movement to Accra, Ghana where he met Rev. Eugene Kwame Anim, the Ghana overall head pastor of Assemblies of God Church.

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