6 Reasons Why Women Lose Interest In Their Men

Many relationships struggle with keeping the sparks of love. When it becomes harder and harder to feel romance in a couple, one or both partners usually has lost interest. Traditionally, men have the responsibility of keeping things interesting and fun in the relationship. When most women sense that the man is failing to ignite the relationship, their emotions towards the man slowly start to fade away. Your task as a man will be to examine yourself and know why you are losing your lady.

Most men must have experienced their women losing interest in them. It is like in the beginning your woman was devoted and so attracted to you and the next thing you know she is looking for ways to avoid you. And in no time, she seems distant whenever you both try to spend time together.

This is more like watching your break-up in slow motion. This feeling where the woman starts to pull away and lose interest really hurts a lot and if you wish to find out reasons why this happens, read till the end, because in this article I am going to be sharing with you 6 reasons why women lose interest in their men.

1. If You Are Cheating On Her

One of the most dangerous things that break trust and interest is cheating. There is nothing that portrays men as immature and ingenuine like cheating. If you have cheated, your lady certainly won’t feel romantically safe with you. The only option if you cheated is to show, with a lot of commitment and action, that you are sorry and want to become better for the relationship.

2. You Are Not Respecting Her

When men are pursuing a woman, they often show a lot of respect for the lady. Showing up as a gentleman is key to securing a woman’s heart and interest. The truth is, every man will always respect the woman he sees as important in his life. When you disrespect your lady, it communicates that you don’t value her, then she start losing interest in you. You should communicate respect by listening to her opinions, communicating your appreciation to her, and showing her she is a priority in your life.

3. You No Longer Make Her Feel Special

Most relationships start because of special unforgettable moments. It is the job of the man to keep the lady’s mind in a special atmosphere when she is with him. You have to remember that setting yourself apart from the crowd by the way you treat her was the reason she fell for you. You have to communicate to her that no one is comparable to her in your sight. Every lady wants to stay in the space where she feels special, so prove to her that she is at that space.

4. You Are Not Good On Bed

No woman likes a 2 second man. I once read that women treat sex like a holiday. She will lose interest when sex with her man becomes boring and unsatisfactory. Sex is all about stimulating both the physical and emotional parts of the people engaged in it. Make sure your intimacy is not about you as a man. Your lady definitely doesn’t want to feel like she is working to satisfy you during sex. Show her that you care about her by exploring different ways she loves. In short, make yourself unforgettable by living an emotionally positive sexual experience with her. You know what I mean guys.

5. You Don’t Have A Destination With Her

Women start losing interest when the man fails to communicate the status of their relationship and the direction it is going. She will start losing interest in you when she notices that you don’t have a destination with her. When a relationship grows with time, it is the man’s responsibility to show how serious he is with the lady. You probably know the trend of putting a ring on it. Progressively showing your level of engagement shows your lady you value her and want to be with her in the long term.

6. Breaking Your Promises

If you keep breaking your promises to her, you come off as not to be trusted. Try standing off a woman on your first date and see how she will be interested after the incident. Stand-offs are a classic example of breaking promises. Women lose interest when they feel betrayed, and breaking promises surely comes off as betrayal. So be a man of your word and communicate whenever there are broken promises. Your lady will surely feel safer to be with you than any other man.

So, in summary, if you are seeing signs of decreasing interest in your relationship, take it as a wake-up call to be more active in your relationship. Examining your actions and attitude towards your lady will give you hints on what you have to work on.

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