7 Men Tonto Dikeh Has Dated And Slept With

In this article I will be sharing with you the 7 men Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has dated and slept with. Tonto Dikeh has dated several handsome men during her active days in Nollywood as an actress. She is one of the most controversial actress in Nigeria. It may interest you to know that Dikeh has dated several handsome men before finally settling down for Olanrewaju Churchill, whom she divorced few years ago and she is currently single. So I present to you the 7 men Tonto Dikeh has dated and slept with.

1. Wizkid

Everybody knows that Tonto Dikeh has a special love interest and likeness for Nigerian famous singer and Ojuelegbe crooner Wizkid. She showered him with different gifts just to get the handsome guy into her hot pants and thigh. She even reportedly bought him a car worth millions of naira as a wooing method. Although they both denied the car story, but sources close to them insisted that she actually bought a car for Wizkid. Tonto Dikeh dated the Nigerian superstar, Wizkid and admitted that she still have a soft spot for the Starboy and place him so dearly in her heart. It was also reported that she bought him a car and showered him with different kind of gifts as a wooing method. Tonto Dikeh had a romantic relationship with Wizkid when he was still in his early stage in the entertainment industry as a musician.

2. Solidstar

Tonto Dikeh has dated Nigerian famous musician Solidstar. It was reported that Nollywood controversial actress Tonto Dikeh was dating Nigerian famous musician Solidstar, but unfortunately the relationship was short lived. The relationship soon hit bottom rock and the two parties went their separate ways. However, it has been rumored that the talented musician Solidstar always had a soft spot for Tonto Dikeh. It was also reported that the music pop star Solidstar dedicated his most trending music video titled “Omotena” to Nollywood controversial actress Tonto Dikeh. It was the wish of Tonto Dikeh to marry Solidstar but unfortunately they broke up few months later and went their separate ways.

3. Osita Promise

Tonto Dikeh has dated Osita Promise who is a serial investor, an entrepreneur and a billionaire. Tonto Dikeh was dumped by her billionaire lover, Osita Promise Offormezie for another Nollywood
actress in 2013. According to the gist flying around the internet back then was that Osita Promise allegedly had a hot romance with the controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh who has about 58 tattoos on her body. But unfortunately things changed between them when Osita Promise met another sexy actress, Onyii Alex who started warming the billionaire’s bed. Osita Promise had no choice but to dump Tonto Dikeh for Nollywood fast rising actress Onyii Alex.

4. Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy was the first entertainer to date Tonto Dikeh when she was obviously new in the entertainment industry. Tonto Dikeh and Don Jazzy have to part ways after a couple of years and ended their relationship which has been trending on social media. One thing to know of sure is that Don Jazzy met Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh when she haven’t gone really wide. That is when she was still a bit fresh, succulent and juicy. Tonto Dikeh once joked during an interview stating that it was the music billionaire Don Jazzy that disvirgined her. But we all know that she was only joking and it is a big lie. Tonto Dikeh dated the Marvin records boss, Don Jazzy when she newly came into the entertainment industry. She loved him so much and wanted him to marry him, but unfortunately the relationship was short lived.

5. Olanrewaju Churchill

Controversial Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh found love in the eyes of Olanrewaju Churchill who is currently the son of the younger brother to Nigerian former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. Few years into their relationship, Olanrewaju Churchill proposed to Tonto Dikeh and she accepted to marry him. Happily, Tonto Dikeh got married to Olanrewaju Churchill who is currently the owner of the Big Church Entertainment Limited and nephew to Nigerian former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. And they welcomed a beautiful child few months after their wedding. Unfortunately few years into their marriage Tonto Dikeh divorced her husband Olanrewaju Churchill due to domestic violence and personal misunderstanding which could not be resolved.

6. Chief Capo

Nollywood controversial actress Tonto Dikeh has dated Nigerian international model and rapper Chief Capo. Unfortunately, Tonto Dikeh heart was broken few years ago by the international model and rapper, Chief Capo. It was reported that Tonto Dikeh caught him cheating on her and decided to end the relationship with him. Chief Capo and Tonto Dikeh have loved each other and were hoping that their relationship will take them to the altar soon. But unfortunately, he wasn’t faithful to Tonto Dikeh as she caught him cheating on her with another girl and decided to terminate the relationship. 

7. Iyanya

Tonto Dikeh has dated Nigerian famous musician Iyanya. Famous Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson accused Tonto Dikeh of snatching Nigeria music legend Iyanya from her and influencing the muscular and six packs artist to dump her. Tonto Dikeh shamelessly fired back at Yvonne Nelson telling her to go get a life and lick her wounds as she had Iyanya all to herself. But unfortunately Iyanya later dumped her after dating her for few months. Tonto Dikeh dated the Nigerian artist, Iyanya but the relationship was soon short lived and didn’t last longer. It was reported that Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson accused Tonto Dikeh of snatching him and forced him to dump her. But Iyanya later dumped Tonto Dikeh too after registering his presence so many times at her juicy room.

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