7 Unknown Gunmen Who Killed A Female Officer Have Been Arrested By Police At A Shrine In Imo

The Imo State Police Tactical Team on Wednesday announced the arrest of seven unknown gunmen at a shrine in Ubah, Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. This is yet another major breakthrough in the quest to eliminate unknown gunmen in the Southeast region.

The Police revealed that the unknown gunmen confessed that they killed a female Police Officer, named Felicia Nwagbara who was declared missing. The Police Tactical Team stormed the shrine after they got information that the unknown gunmen had returned to the shrine and when they got there, they saw knives, guns and a snake.

The team revealed that the unknown gunmen tried to escape and when they ran out of the shrine, they saw that the area had already been surrendered with police operatives. The police said they recovered a live Python, cartridges, a Police camouflage uniform and armed ammunitions.

Unknown gunmen have been wrecking havoc in Southeast region of Nigeria and these people have not only burnt Police Stations and INEC offices, they have also attacked those who failed to observe the sit-at-home order. Some Igbos in Southeast has called on others to publicly condemn the activities of these unknown gunmen in the region. These unknown gunmen were arrested inside a shrine.

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