8 Most Talked About Nigerian Controversial Celebrities of 2019

In this article I will be sharing with you 8 most talked about Nigerian controversial celebrities of 2019. Here are the 8 Nigerian celebrities that got everyone all buzzed up in 2019 as they made the headlines everyday. Over the last decade, the Nigeria celebrity space has seen the birth and continuous rise of several celebrities.

Take it or leave it, these particular set of celebrities have carved a niche for themselves that we can describe as legacies that would remain in existence for a very long time. They have become not only household names but held in high esteem in the corridors of power and influence.

As the year winds up, we have carefully selected these celebrities who never left our consciousness either through their achievements, controversy or scandals. So therefore, after a careful study and research, I present to you 8 most talked about Nigerian controversial celebrities of 2019.

1. Tonto Dikeh

Popular Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has be regarded as the most talked about Nigerian controversial celebrities of 2019. Tonto Dikeh has been trending on the internet and social media due to the marital conflict between her and her estranged husband Churchill Olakunle. During an interview with Daddy Freeze, Tonto Dikeh stated that her ex-husband can’t stay more than 40 seconds in a woman.

In 2019, Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh became trending on social media when she decided to nail her ex-husband, Churchill Olakunle by revealing that he cannot stay more than 40 seconds in a woman. He revealed this in an interview with Daddy Freeze on YouTube. The actress told Daddy Freeze that her ex-husband Churchill Olakunle had a serious sexual problem and can’t last more than 40 seconds in a woman. Tonto Dikeh splashed it out, saying that her ex-husband Churchill Olakunle had premature ejaculation.

2. Tacha

Tacha was a nobody in the beginning of 2019, she was only known as an Instagram influential and Vlogger. Although she was quite popular for getting a tattoo of Davido’s popular crest “OBO” between her breasts. However, the level of fame she has now is nothing compared to what she had at that time. Tacha life changed the moment she stepped into the 2019 Big Brother Naija house. Tacha was a controversial character in the 2019 Big Brother Naija house. She was connected with millions of fans and should have won the show if not for the moment of madness that saw her been disqualified and thrown out of the house.

Tacha created a controversy when she had a physical combat with fellow housemate Mercy Eke in the Big Brother Naija house which got her disqualified. However, that disqualification did nothing to her fame; instead it galvanized her fan base who are now known as ‘Tacha Titans’. It is now been months since she left the show, yet the Tacha Titans have continued to grow while her brand and fame keep soaring.

3. Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels is a popular Nollywood child actress. Regina Daniels is regarded as one of the most talked about controversial Nigerian celebrities of 2019. Regina Daniels created a lot of controversy on social media when she got married to Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko. At the beginning of the whole saga and drama, she denied the claim and termed it as rumor without basis. But later on she couldn’t hid the secret that she got married to a man 40 years older than her and decided to publicly expose the secret to the world after she and Ned Nwoko had an interactive session with Nigerian on air personality Daddy Freeze. Regina Daniels went further by calling Ned Nwoko baby and stated that she loves the old man naturally and not because of his money.

Her relationship with Ned Nwoko became the talk of social media and gossip blogs. From there she garnered massive social media followers who she held spellbound with her luxurious lifestyle. Before the whole drama began Regina Daniels had only 2 million followers on her official Instagram account, but as of today, Regina Daniels has over six million followers on Instagram making her one of the most followed Nigerian celebrity on Instagram.

4. Naira Marley

Naira Marley was just another fast rising artiste who just arrive Nigeria from the United Kingdom. He created a controversy on social media after his arrest by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in May 2019 for internet fraud. He was later released from EFCC custody and skyrocket into a public figure. Naira Marley first became trending when he made a series of comments on social media that seemed like he was in support of internet fraudsters.

These got the attention of the EFCC who arrested him and charged him to court with incriminating evidence against him. What was supposed to bring a downfall to his career became the springboard that elevated him to greater height in his career. Now, being a Marlian, the term he uses for his fans, is now considered cool in Nigerian pop culture while his music career has become even more successful since that incident.

5. Davido

Nigerian music star Davido had another good year with both his music and his personal life. He first made news in 2019 when he sold out the 20,000 capacity 02 Arena in London, United Kingdom. He continued with his massive collaboration with Chris Brown on the song, ‘Blow My Mind” which although was released in July, 2019 is among the most-streamed Nigerian songs this year.

His relationship with his girlfriend Chioma drew media attention as he proposed to her while the couple also welcomed a baby boy together. Davido was the hottest celebrity in 2019 with several hit tracks. In October, 2019 some girls played an expensive prank on Davido by claiming he is responsible for their pregnancy. That incident created a lot of controversy on social media. Davido threatened to get them arrested but decided to forgive them after hearing much plea from his loving fans.

6. Wizkid

Wizkid does not need a good year to remain culturally relevant. He is indeed a music legend and has been shinning since the beginning of this year. The music star continues to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest music act out of the country. In 2019, he made news globally as one of the featured acts on ‘Brown Skin Girl” the most popular record off Beyonce’s Lion King Album. Also Wizkid relationship with Tiwa Savage continues to be a topic of conversations while his fanbase, called Wizkid FC continues to be the most intense celebrity-worshipping group in the Nigerian internet space.

He ended the note with the release of an EP, “Soundman” from his music family “Starboy Entertainment”. Wizkid created a lot controversy on social when he kissed Tiwa Savage on stage for the first time and hug her so tenderly. This act alone got fans talking. People criticized the relationship because of the huge age gap between them while some believed that age is nothing but just a number.

7. Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji lives such a regimented lifestyle that has seen her remain in the limelight, a strategy which has worked massively for her brand. Genevieve Nnaji remains one of Nigeria’s biggest celebrities but this year, she dominated conversations with her 2018 movie ‘Lion Heart’. The movie got acquired by Netflix and also had an Oscar buzz around it before it was later rejected by the Academy for having too much English dialogue in one of the most talked-about moments in Nollywood this year.

The movie was shot in the coal city of Enugu and was regarded as one of the best feature film ever produced in Nigeria. Because of that movie “Lion Heart” Genevieve Nnaji became very trending on social media. As fans heaped praises on her and some decorated her as one of the most descent and most scandal free Nollywood celebrity. Genevieve Nnaji is currently the richest actress in Nigeria.

8. Mercy Eke

Mercy Eke was a no body in the beginning of this year. Little or nothing was known about Mercy Eke in the beginning of 2019 until she took part in the reality TV show, Big Brother Naija tagged Pepper Dem Gang. The moment she walked into the house on the night of the premiere, we all knew a star was born. She became a popular housemate in the house mostly for her massive buttocks and lifestyle in the house. However, she won the hearts of millions of viewers of the show because of her character, and her in house relationship with fellow housemate, Ike.

Mercy’s road to stardom and prominence kicked off after she emerged as the winner of the reality show. More importantly, was the fact that she emerged as the first female winner of Big Brother Naija. She is popularly known as Mercy the Lambo, a nickname her fans gave to her. Since leaving the house, she has become the toast of many blogs and tabloids. Her social media page has become a mini temple for her over one million fans.

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