8 Nigerian Celebrities Social Media Made Famous

In this article I will be sharing with you 8 Nigerian celebrities social media made famous. It is believe that day by day the social media such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook make people famous. These celebrities became famous just by doing what they love on social media. Anyway, after a careful study and research I present to you 8 Nigerian celebrities social media made famous.

1. Emmanuella Samuel

Emmanuella Samuel is a Nigerian kid Comedienne who was discovered by Mark Angel Comedy skit. She was born on 22nd July, 2010 in Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria. She is currently 6 years old. She is originally from Imo State and also a cousin to Mark Angel. She came to limelight after featuring in the Mark Angel Comedy. She became very famous after starring in the comedy skit “This is Not My Real Face Oh”. She started comedy since she was in primary 1 and due to her intelligent she master her lines very well. In 2015, she won the G Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award, City People Award and NEA Award. She is currently the most popular kid celebrity in Nigeria known worldwide. In October 2016 she won two awards in Australia [Princess of Comedy and Most Prominent Kid Comedienne]. In November, 2016 she was hosted by CNN in an Interactive session. She is currently one of the most influential kid comedienne in Nigeria.

2. Mark Angel
Mark Angel is a famous Nigerian YouTube celebrity and a comedian. He was born and raised in Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria. He was born on 27th May 1991 in Port Harcourt, River State in the south southern part of Nigeria. He is currently 28 years old. He is originally from Imo State in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. Mark Angel is the founder of the popular comedy skit “Mark Angel Comedy” a short comedy video published every Friday on YouTube. Mark Angel is currently sitting on 4.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has 6 million followers on his official Facebook page and 1 million followers on his official Instagram account. His comedy skit features popular kid comedian Emmanuella Samuel and Success who also happens to be his kid cousins. Mark Angel started as a photographer before moving into showbiz professionally in 2011. Mark Angel did not complete his university education, infact he is a dropout. He couldn’t complete his studies at Obafemi Awolowo University due to financial problem. Today he is the founder of the biggest YouTube channel in Nigeria “Mark Angel Comedy” which is worth over $2 million dollars.

3. Maraji

Maraji whose full name is Gloria Oloruntobi Maraji is a popular Nigerian social media influencer and online personality. Maraji was born on 6th February 1997 in Benin City, Edo State in the south southern part of Nigeria. She is currently 22 years old. She was raised in Lagos, Nigeria and attended Covenant University in Otta, Ogun State both in the south western part of Nigeria, where she began making lip sync videos out of boredom. Little did she know that the video’s she made out of boredom would entertain millions of people not just in her native Nigeria but around the world. For Maraji, lip sync videos only paint part of the picture. She further showed her variety of talents by making popular dance, comedy and even makes up videos. Maraji consistency in delivering highly entertaining content via Instagram saw her reach hundreds of thousands of followers and engage with millions in little over 12 months. What people don’t see is how hard working and focused she is. At only 19 years old, Maraji has already graduated with a 2:1 second class upper division in International Relations from Covenant University, and today she has become an internet superstar.

4. Bobrisky

Bobrisky whose real name is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju is a Nigerian Internet personality and entrepreneur who is known for her social media skill most notably with the use of the social media app Snapchat. He was born in 1992 in Ebute Metta, Lagos State in the south western part of Nigeria. He turned himself into a woman true surgery and makeup’s and calls himself a Male Barbie and King of Nigeria Snapchat. Bobrisky completed his secondary school education at King’s College Lagos and obtained his West African Senior School Certificate. After which he attended University of Lagos (UNILAG). In May 2019, Bobrisky confirmed via Instagram post that he is now a woman and should be address as she not he. Bobrisky became recognized by being highly controversial on social media for the ultra conservative Nigerian standards. Bobrisky was able to gather traffic to his Snapchat account when he claimed he had a lover who is assumed to be of masculine gender despite the law in Nigeria stating that same sex relationships is an offence punishable by serving 14 years in prison. From 1st October 2016 to 26th November 2016, Bobrisky was reported Google as the most searched individual in Nigeria.

5. Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is a famous Nigerian blogger, writer, social media personality, model, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. She was born on 19th September 1980 in Lagos in the south western part of Nigeria. She is currently 37 years old. She is originally from Nkwerre, a small village in Imo State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. She was born and raised in a Christian family. She is the second child in the family. She began writing at the age of 10 years old. Linda Ikeji completed her primary and secondary school education in Lagos, Nigeria and obtained her First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate at the age of 17 years old. At the age of 18 years old, Linda Ikeji got admitted to University of Lagos in Nigeria and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language at the age of 22 years old in 2004. She began her career as a fashion and photography model at the age of 18 years old while still in the University. After graduating from the university, Linda Ikeji started out as a struggling entrepreneur. She failed in many businesses and in 2006 she established her blog Linda Ikejis Blog. In 2010, Linda Ikeji rose to fame after her blog became very popular and started raking millions in her bank account. She is currently the highest paid blogger in Nigeria and best known for her blog worldwide.

6. Hushpuppi

Hushpuppi whose real name is Raymond Igbalodely is a Nigerian social media influencer and media personality. He came into limelight after offering a lot of controversial remarks regarding several Nigerian celebrities and showing off his expensive Gucci’s on social media. He has even had some heated war of words with popular celebrities in Nigeria, like Davido, Wizkid, amongst others. Hushpuppi flaunts expensive clothing, wristwatches, shoes, jewelries, gold chain, amongst others on his official social media handle. As expected, his luxurious lifestyle and controversial opinions have helped earn him both friends and foes. The social media personality was born on 14th June. However, he has so far not revealed his exact age. If you are one of his over 2 million social media fans, feel free to send him birthday wishes every 14th of June and receive gifts you can ever imagine. He was born in Lagos State, where he also spent most of his early days. But he has so far not revealed his State of Origin. In many of his posts, he has explained that he didn’t start out rich. People who knew him in Lagos confirmed this report by claiming that he became rich after moving from Nigeria to Malaysia. He is currently based in Malaysia but can be seen traveling around the world and visiting expensive five-star hotels in several locations. A lot of people have claimed that Hushpuppi is a brand ambassador for the designer wears he flaunts. We cannot confirm that for now. He has also been described as a fashion icon due to his sense of dress.

7. Maheeda

Maheeda whose real name is Caroline Sam is a Nigerian singer, nude model and a former prostitute. According to her, she began her musical career as a hip hop singer but became a gospel singer after becoming “born again”. She was born on 22nd November 1982 in Benin City, Edo State in the south southern part of Nigeria. She is currently 36 years old. She has a beautiful daughter named Divine Sam. She is widely known for sharing raunchy photos on Instagram and making controversial remarks on issues and has been censored from the social media site on several occasions. In 2014, she released her debut gospel track “Concrete Love” which she noted was inspired by the love of God towards her. Maheeda’s mother died when she was at a tender age and she never knew her dad. According to her, the inability to meet her financial obligations and fend for herself led her into music and housekeeping afterwards. She had a daughter at the age of 14 years old. Maheeda met her future husband while working in a bar in Nigeria, who upon listening to her story decided to help her and her teenage daughter. She got married and relocated to Netherlands but visits Nigeria frequently. She presently lives with her husband and daughter in Netherlands. She considers sex as having an uncontrollable supernatural effect on people since despite being married and living comfortably, she still had the urge to sleep with men.

8. Crazeclown

Crazeclown whose real name is Emmanuel Ogonna Iwueke is a famous Nigerian social media personality and a comedian. He is one of the most famous comedians in Nigeria. He has won several awards including Naija Youths Choice and Naija FM Comedy Awards. He is also the brand ambassador of NairaBet. Crazeclown is very passionate about his comedy. He is popularly known as Dr. Crazeclown or Papa Ade. Crazeclown was born on 24th December 1991 in Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently 28 years old. He is very popular on YouTube and Instagram with millions of followers and views on his comedy videos. Crazeclown is also a Medical graduate and a certified doctor, but he preferred to go into comedy. Crazeclown was not the only child in his family. His parents also have three more boys and one girl. His father is from Imo State in the south eastern part of Nigeria while his mother is from Edo State in the south southern part of Nigeria. Both his parents are in the medical industry. That’s why Crazeclown decided to follow their steps and pursued a course in Medicine and Surgery. Crazeclown finished his secondary school in 2008. After which he studied at Kharkiv National Medical University in Ukraine. He started his comedy skit at a very young age. He was even able to host several events in his own school. In 2013, he started his comedy skit on YouTube and today he has generated over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He also has more than a million followers on Instagram. Crazeclown has been described as one of the most funniest comedian in Nigeria.

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