8 Persons Killed As ESN Clash With Fulani Herdsmen In Enugu

It seems like the Fulani herdsmen have not stopped causing chaos in the south eastern part of Nigeria, they have recently invaded a town in Enugu causing destruction of people’s farms. However, after the ESN group heard this news they immediately went to handle the situation as it lead to heavy gun battle which led to about 8 people getting killed.

According to eyewitnesses the Fulani herdsmen shot someone from the community in his farm and also stopped the crowd from taking the farmer to the hospital. This was when the ESN group was alerted about this accident.

Sometimes I just wonder why these Fulani herdsmen cannot stop the shootings and stop invading communities of other people. This problem with Fulani herdsmen and other ethnic group needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Sahara Reporters last week reported that IPOB Eastern Security Network Operatives in Abia state suffered a huge lost after the Nigeria Army alongside the Police attacked their hideout, killing 16 operatives of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) and injured others.

According to Sahara Reporters, this information was conveyed to them by a reliable source via their Twitter handle. It was revealed that hundreds of security operatives last night launched a heavy attack on the camp of ESN in Aba, Abia state, killing about 16 of them and injuring others.

An investigation was made that the operation was in response to a series of attacks against security personnel in the South- East, and not less than 20 security operatives have been killed in the region by unknown gunmen a few months ago.

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