A Family in Ivory Coast Undergo Ritual after Father was Caught Sleeping with his Daughter

An Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire) man was caught sleeping with his daughter in Grand-Bassam area of Ivory Coast. According to online source, the man was caught having sex with his own daughter who is only 14 years old and the shameless act had been going on since the girl was 9 years old. However, the man has been forced to undergo a ritual to cleanse the community of sacrilegious act he has committed.

The ritual was necessary to prevent bad luck from befalling on the man’s family. Both the man and his teenage daughter were rubbed with mud and were made to kill and divide a live sheep into two. While holding each part of the animal, the father and daughter were paraded round the village.

However, they have also been another report of a 45 years old man of Magoye district in southern province of Zambia by the name Chief Mwanachingwala, who was caught having sex with his own biological daughters.

The man who is a father to seven children was in the habit of sleeping with his own biological daughters and nieces whenever they go to visit him. Unfortunately for the man, he was caught by his wife who called people in the community to come and witness the atrocity.

However, Chief Mwanachingwala whose real name is Enock Mweene admitted having sex with his own biological daughters and relatives charging that he was only preparing them for marriage.

According to an eye witness who informed Zambian Watch, reports that Mr. Enock Mweene and his three daughters have been having sex for more than two years since 2015.

Unfortunately, when the community started beating him up, Mr. Enock Mweene confirmed that he was sleeping with his three daughters charging that he was only preparing them for marriage.


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