A Lady Confess How She Mistakenly Got Pregnant For Her Blood Brother & Produced 4 Children For Him

A lady confess how she mistakenly got pregnant for her blood brother and produced four children for him. A lady known as Domitila has narrated how she mistakenly gave birth to 4 children for her biological brother. She narrated her story with Afrimax English during an interview section. The lady said they were born to the same parents, but since they didn’t grow up together, she didn’t know the man she was having a sexual relationship with was her biological brother.

The lady already has 4 children for her brother and it wasn’t her fault at all. They were born in the same family by the same parents many years ago, but after losing their parents at a young age, the siblings separated and started living in different communities with separate families. The siblings never knew themselves after their separation.

The lady traveled from her community to another community to hustle, then she met a particular young man and fell in love with him after being friends for many years. They lived together and gave birth to 4 children without knowing that they are siblings who were born to the same parents. Some years later, they started hearing rumors from people that they are practicing incest, they were shocked and were also eager to know whether it was true or not.

They later found out that it is true that they have been practicing incest all these while without both of them knowing about it. After the lady learnt about it, she fled out of the man’s house with her 4 children because she felt shameful and embarrassed. She had to live alone with her children after what she found out about her partner was actually true.

She also stated that the relationship affected her children because they are physically challenged. It is not the fault of both parties, since they didn’t know that they were siblings. After the incident, the community people hated them so much that they didn’t want to have anything to do with them in the community.

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