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Aaron Edward Eckhart is a famous Hollywood actor and a television personality. He was born on 12th March 1968 in Cupertino, California in the United States of America. He is currently 50 years old. He is the youngest of three brothers. His mother’s name is Mary Martha Eckhart, she is a writer, artist and a poet while his father’s name is James Conrad Eckhart, he is a computer executive.

His father is of German-Russian descent while his mother has English, German, Scots-Irish and Scottish ancestry. He was raised as a Mormon in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served a two year mission in France and Switzerland.

In 1981, Aaron Eckhart relocated to England at the age 13 years old with his family, following his father’s job in information technology. While living in England, Aaron Eckhart attended American Community School, where he was first introduced into acting, starring in a school production as Charlie Brown.

Aaron Eckhart is very handsome, gifted, skillful, creative and talented in acting and interpretation of movie roles and can fit in any character given to him by movie directors and producers in the United States of America.

In 1985, Aaron Eckhart moved to Australia and settled in Sydney, where he attended American International School of Sydney in Australia for his high school. While in the American International School of Sydney in Australia, Aaron Eckhart further developed his acting skills in film productions like “Waiting for Godot” where he admits that he gave a “terrible” performance.

In the autumn of his senior year in high school, Aaron Eckhart left high school to take a job at the Warringah Mall movie theatre. He eventually earned his diploma certificate through an adult education course.

In 1988, Aaron Eckhart returned to the United States of America and was admitted into the Brigham Young University in Hawaii to pursue a degree in film production, but he was later transferred to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah in the United States of America, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Film in 1994.

His fortunes changed for the better when he was offered the role of George in the film “Erin Brockovich” a movie which gave his failing career a much needed boost. He was then flooded with film offers and before long established himself as a professional and respected actor in Hollywood.

Aaron Eckhart was born in Cupertino, California in the United States of America. At the age of 13 years old, he moved to England few days after his father relocated the family.

Several years later, he began his acting career by performing in school plays, before moving to Australia for his high school education. He left high school without graduating, but earned a diploma through an adult education course.

In 1994, he graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Film. For a very long time, since the mid-1990s, Aaron Eckhart lived in New York City in the United States of America as a struggling and unemployed actor.

As an undergraduate at Brigham Young University, Aaron Eckhart met film director and writer Neil LaBute, who cast him in several of his own original plays. Five years later Aaron Eckhart made a debut as an unctuous, Sociopathic ladies’ man in LaBute’s black comedy film titled “In the Company of Men” a movie that was produced in 1997. Under LaBute’s guidance, he worked in the director’s films “Your Friends and Neighbors” in 1998, “Nurse Betty” in 2000 and “Possession” in 2002.

In 2002, Aaron Eckhart gained worldwide recognition after playing the role of George in the Hollywood blockbuster film and Steven Soderbergh’s critically acclaimed film titled “Erin Brockovich” and in 2006, he received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor for his portrayal of Nick Naylor in the popular movie “Thank you for Smoking”.

In 2008, Aaron Eckhart became a public figure after starring in the Hollywood blockbuster Batman film “The Dark Knight” where he played the role of a District Attorney, Harvey Dent. Aaron Eckhart has acted in more than 400 Hollywood movies which include The Pledge, The Core, Rabbit Hole, Battle: Los Angeles, Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, I Frankenstein and Sully, amongst others.

Aaron Eckhart met actress Emily Cline during the filming and shooting of the movie “In the Company of Men” and they became engaged. But unfortunately, they got separated in 1998. However, he has always been reluctant to speak about his relationships in interviews. Aaron Eckhart has dated songwriter and member of SheDaisy, Kristyn Osborn from 2006 to 2007. He appeared in the group’s video for their song “I’m Taking the Wheel”.

Aaron Eckhart has talked much about his beliefs, his way of life, and his future career ambitions. In several interviews granted by the media, he stated that hypnosis helped him to quit drinking, smoking and partying, and that he undertakes amateur photography in his spare time.

In an interview with Parade magazine, Aaron Eckhart revealed that before he discovered acting, he wanted to become a songwriter. Aaron Eckhart has won several awards in the cause of his career as an actor which include the award for Best Debut Performance at the Independent Spirit Awards. He has also appeared in several TV shows which include ‘The Ramanoffs”.

Aaron Eckhart is currently one of the richest and most influential actor in the United States of America with an estimated net worth of $25 million.


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