How to Acquire Financial Success

This hidden information/secret will widen and broaden your mind to start thinking positively and acting fast. They is no time, as time wait for nobody, start something now after reading through this post and look at your future in the next three years, you will see a lot of changes in your life.

Making Money according to one of Nigeria Most famous comedian, “I go Die” is not all about working hard but thinking smart, because if it is about working hard those pushing truck, wheel barrow and loading cements would have become billionaires, but thinking smart, that is creating ideas and using your talent, skills, smartness and information/knowledge you have to make money.

If you really want to become an powerful and successful Entrepreneur and you wish to start earning minimum of $10o,000 in a monthly basis then you need to change your mindset and start thinking as an entrepreneur.

Many Nigerian graduates are suffering everyday due to unemployment, poor salary structure and nonpayment of salary. But it is only ignorant that made some of them to be experiencing such humiliation, but I tell you with every evidence I got, if you don’t start thinking and acting like an entrepreneur you will never get the financial freedom you want in life.

So now I will be listing the most hidden 9 secrets to financial success, just read through and make use of it, no knowledge is a waste. So let’s begins.

Outline Below Are 9 Most Hidden Secret to Financial Success in Life. 

1. GOD: Pray each day before you go to work.Always pray before starting up a business, evidence has pointed out that the highest and best secret to financial success in life is total commitment and prayer to almighty god who is the creator of heaven and earth. Emotional and spiritual balance will lead to financial freedom. Ask God to guide you and give you strength. The New Testament tells us, “Give thanks in everything, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thess. 5:18). Don’t be resentful for what you don’t have. Instead, be grateful for what God has provided.

2. CHOOSE A CAREER WISELY: Your choice of career is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. You need to love your work if you want to be great and prosper from it. So pay attention not only to your gifts, but to what makes you enthusiastic about getting up in the morning. Then, find a career path that plays to those strengths. If you’re just starting out, and it suits you, a high-paying career in a technical or professional field will clearly advance your cause. Competence in math or technology can be a first-class ticket to building wealth. But, if that’s not possible, at least be aware of the financial implications of your college education and early career choices.

A graduate in an esoteric major with five digits of student debt starts out life doubly handicapped. You can pursue your passions, integrate them with a professional track, and stay out of significant debt—but only if you make informed choices. If you’re already in a career, look for mentors and other professional relationships that complement your skills and personality. Having been on both sides of the equation now, I can tell you that older, more experienced people generally enjoy counseling a talented and enthusiastic newcomer. It’s a relationship that pays dividends on both sides. So be open to wisdom when it’s offered. You don’t have to take every piece of advice, but it can be your starting point.

3. START FROM A STRONG FOUNDATION: Some of us were fortunate to start out in families that instilled integrity, prudence, and hard work. If that’s your experience, you can be grateful. But, if not, then it’s still within your power to cultivate those qualities now. Not only will that create the conditions for your own financial success, but it will benefit everyone around you as well. Throughout you will needpatience. Typically the personal and financial decisions that will pay off in the long run require sacrificing a little today. Patience helps you live with the reality that true rewards usually require some short-term discomfort.

4. BUILD A BUDGET:A budget lets you figure out the amount of money you are in possess of. Setting up a realistic budget should be the foundation for all of your financial decisions. Without a budget, your financial objectives are nothing more than wishful thinking.

5. LEARN TO MANAGE YOUR MONEY: You might start out with a great family foundation. You might have a high-paying career that you love. But unless you live on less than you make, it won’t put you any closer to financial freedom. In fact, if you develop expensive tastes in houses and cars, and need to look as affluent as your neighbor, you could wind up worse off financially, no matter how much you make. You can start heading in the right direction by simply tracking your expenses, as well as learning about savings and budgeting.  Identify the few areas where money spent truly pays off in better quality of life for your core interests. Spend there, and cut back everywhere else. Next, find a mentor to help you become a confident investor.

You need to master any fear of stocks, so you can profit from them in the long run. Offset the risk of stocks by allocating into other asset classes as well. Start small and carefully, but do start. Learn and abide by a few bedrock investing principles: diversification, patience, simplicity, low expenses. Track your net worth and your overall portfolio return each year, so you know what direction you’re going, and why.

Once your career and finances are on track, you can explore more entrepreneurial paths for wealth building—perhaps by owning a small business or real estate. These can leverage your time and money, getting you to financial independence years earlier. They can be fun and rewarding too!

6. REDUCE ON YOUR SPENDING. Spending, especially for indulgences, doesn’t lift depression. It’s no secret that a key factor in achieving financial freedom is spending less money than you make. But even if you already do that, there’s usually room for improvement. We tend to equate out-of-control spending with big purchases, but often it’s the little things that’ll put you in debt.

7. LEARN TO SAVE YOUR MONEY.The flip side of spending less is saving more. There’s no trick to saving money. It’s really a simple matter of spending less than you make and setting money aside. Be sure to budget your savings, just like you would any other expense. Think of your savings as money you pay yourself. This money can then be used for large purchases or to cover an unexpected expense those life emergencies that inevitably catch us off-guard. One great way to spend less is to eat at home more often. Cooking your own meals gives you better control of what you spend on food and, as a bonus, better control of your portions and caloric intake. So, it’s a healthy choice all around. In addition to a slimmer waistline and smaller budget, you may find its fun to cook. If you’re married, share the meal prep duties, and if you have kids get them involved, too. Countless families have discovered the joy of cooking and sharing meals together at home when it’s done as a team.

8. LEARN TO CULTIVATE PATIENCE: Even with all these potent ingredients for success, be sure to take life one step each day at a time. Again, try to cultivate patience. You’ll need it for the long journey to success. Remember success doesn’t come in a platter of gold, it requires enough time, hard work, commitment and dedication to your work. Remember hard work is goal to financial independence, but don’t over work yourself. Don’t sacrifice the present for the future; it won’t turn out as planned anyway. Make time for your loved ones and meaningful activities, even if you must work longer in the end. As great as it is to achieve financial freedom and retire early. Many things can happen with your money, so you need to spend it on meaningful things; save it, invest it or speculate with it. You can gamble with it. You can lose it. You can also give it away, and/or make it grow. I advise you invest it wisely, let your money become an assets, use your money wisely. If you learn this secret you will save many years of financial turmoil. So why do so many people fail? The number one reasons people fail to create financial freedom is because they fail to follow the steps required to achieve financial success.

9. INVEST YOUR MONEY ON BUSINESS: This is where money starts to work for you. The simplest example is when you save money in an interest bearing account. The money earns interest in the bank, and you are “earning” money which is not as a result of your effort. Investing is a huge jump in skill because there are so many ways to invest:

*Investing in yourself

*Investing in the stock market.

*Investing in real estate.

*Buying or starting a business.

*Paying for a specialized product/skill.

The easiest way to invest in your future is to invest into your skills and your knowledge. It may cost you time and money, but it remains an investment. The better you are equipped the fewer mistakes you will make. Mistakes cost you time and money. Investing in yourself helps you to avoid mistakes. Most people lose a lot of money and remain poor or went back to square one because they just jumped into the stock market, real estate or started a business.

If you want to start investing, start with investing in yourself, that is learning the skill of the business you actually wants to go into. Once you have invested in yourself you can start to play in the stock market, real estate, businesses or products and skills. You can spend a good 10 years here if you want. Take it slow, steady and thoroughly until you have made enough money.


Becoming wealthy is a step by step process. There are lots of things that can happen with your money, but you can make things happen by following these 9 steps, in order, from 1 to 9. Do not skip the steps. Take them 1 by 1. Become proficient at 1 before you go to 2. Invest in yourself!!

The Secrets to Wealth and financial freedom is all about investing in yourself!! Just believe within yourself, you can do it, success is at your door knocking, grab it now


The sooner you start, the sooner you will achieve financial freedom. Remember. It takes time to achieve financial freedom (several years).

You can beat the record of Bill Gate (World Richest Man) if only you will follow this Nine Steps outline for you.

If you follow these seven tips that I have stipulated above, then you will be able to master self-discipline.

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