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Adam Jared Brody is a famous American actor, writer, musician, producer and a television personality. He is best known for his role in the movies The O.C, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Thank You for Smoking, amongst others. He was born on 15th December 1979 in San Diego, California in the United States of America to Valerie Jill, a graphic artist and Mark Alan Brody, an attorney and legal practitioner. He is currently 38 years old.

He has younger twin brothers’ named Sean and Matthew. Adam Brody attended Wangenheim Middle School and Scripps Ranch High School in the United States of America. He always receive poor grades during his high school days and grew up in suburban in San Diego, where he spent his time surfing.

After his high school, Adam Brody attended community college for one year and dropped out from school at the age of 19 years old and moved to Hollywood in order to become an actor. He subsequently hired an acting coach and got signed with a talent manager. He later attended MiraCosta College in the United States of America and completed his college education.

Adam Brody started his career in 1995 as an actor and a musician. He has featured in several Hollywood movies. In 2005, he featured in the movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. In 2006, he featured in the movie “Thank you for Smoking”. In 2007, he featured in the movie “In the Land of Women”. In 2009, he featured in the movie “Jennifer’s Body”.

In 2010, he featured in the movie “Cop Out”. In 2011, he featured in the movie “Lovelace”. In 2013, he featured in the movie “Life Partners”. In 2014, he featured in the movie “Sleeping with other People”. In 2015, he featured in the movie “Shazam”.

In 2014, Adam Brody got married to Leighton Meester and the marriage is currently blessed with a child named Arlo Day Brody. Adam Brody is currently based in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America with his family.

After a year of training and auditioning, Adam Brody landed the role of Barry Williams in the television film “Growing Up Brady” in 2000. He also appeared in the Canadian comedy series “The Sausage Factory”. In 2001, Adam Brody played a minor role in the movie “America Pie 2”. Adam Brody first major role in a television series came in 2002, when he was cast in a recurring role on the comedy-drama series “Gilmore Girls” where he portrayed the role of Dave Rygalski.

In 2003, Adam Brody appeared in the feature film “Grind” and also in the music video for “Too Bad About Your Girl” by The Donnas. That same year, Adam Brody was cast in his breakout role as Seth Cohen on the teen drama series “The O.C” a movie that brought him to limelight.

Adam Brody is reported to have improvised some of the character’s comedic dialogue. The role turned him into a teen idol, with the character having been described by the Los Angeles Times as “TV Sexiest Geek”. Adam Brody was the first male on the cover of Elle Girl.

In 2005, Adam Brody appeared in a supporting role alongside with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the Hollywood thriller film Mr. & Mrs. Smith. In 2006, Adam Brody played the role of a Hollywood studio assistant in the film “Thank you for Smoking”.

His next movie role was in the romantic thriller comedy movie titled “In the Land of Women” a movie produced in 2007 and starring Meg Ryan and Kristen Stewart. Adam Brody also played the role of a writer who returns to his mother’s Michigan hometown in order to take care of his sick grandmother.

He did not have to audition for the part, but was almost unable to appear in the film because of scheduling conflicts with the second season of The O.C. The film director pushed filming back to eight months because he wanted Adam Brody to star in the movie.

The O.C. ended its run in 2007 after four seasons. Adam Brody had said that he was not unhappy with the show’s cancellation, and that although he was fortunate to be on a successful series, he was also glad to not be on it for 10 years.

Aside from acting, Adam Brody is also a musician and a writer. He stated that he writes screenplays and songs during his spare time”. In 2003, Adam Brody wrote and produced the short film “Home Security”. In 2005, Adam Brody alongside with Nathaniel Castro, Bret Harrison and Brad Babinski formed the Los Angeles-based rock band “Big Japan” with Adam Brody as the lead drummer. Big Japan’s first released album “Music for Dummies” was digitally released through Nightshift Records on 23rd August 2005.

Since 2010, Adam Brody has played the drums in the project band “The Shortcoats”. On 4th October 2011, they released their first EP. Their songs “Morning” and “Shipwreck” which Adam Brody co-wrote, is featured in the sitcom “Ben and Kate” and also in the 2015 thriller film “The Meddler”.

In March 2010, Adam Brody met actress Leighton Meester while filming “The Orange” in Westchester, New York in the United States of America. They got engaged in November 2013 and got married in a private ceremony on 15th February 2014. On 4th August 2015, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Arlo Day Brody in Whittier, California in the United States of America.

In 2004, Adam Brody won Choice TV Actor in Drama at the Teen Choice Awards. In 2005, Adam Brody also won Choice TV Actor in Drama at the Teen Choice Awards. In 2006, Adam Brody also won Choice TV Actor in Drama at the Teen Choice Awards. In 2010, Adam Brody also won Choice TV Actor in Drama at the Teen Choice Awards.

Adam Brody is currently one of the richest and most influential actor in the United States of America with an estimated net worth of $12 million.


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