After The Attacked On A Prison In Imo, Enugu Has Made A Move To Secure Their Prison

Enugu Correctional Centre has learnt its lessons from what happened in Imo state on Monday morning, and they are not going to wait for gunmen to take them unawares like they did in Imo. They have taken some smart moves to make sure that such thing does not happen in Enugu. The state correctional centre says it has tightened up security around the facility to forestall any possible attack from gunmen.

The Spokesman for Enugu Correctional Centre, Emeka Monday, made the statement on Tuesday during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria. Emeka Monday stated that the need to take that step came after an attack was carried out on the Nigerian Correctional Centre and the State Police Headquarters in Owerri, the Imo State capital. He said Enugu Correctional Centre is now working with sister security operatives to strengthen security around the facility.

Speaking further, the spokesman for the facility stated that they are aware of what happened in Imo state, and they have put certain measures in place to ensure such a thing does not happen in Enugu state. He said they are on alert and will resist any attempt from criminals to break jail in Enugu. He stated that for now, Enugu Correctional Centre is safe and secure.

On Monday morning, Nigerians had woken up to the shocking news that gunmen had attacked the Nigerian Correctional Centre and the State Police Command Headquarters in Owerri, Imo State in the south eastern part of Nigeria and freed over 1,800 inmates, and set all the vehicles ablaze.

Shortly after the attack, the police investigations claimed that IPOB’s Eastern Security Network was responsible for the attack, and the Inspector General of Police had directed Imo State Commissioner of Police to take the battle to the doorsteps of the ESN. While reacting to the attack, the Imo State Governor Hope Uzodinma had stated that the aim of the gunmen was to create panic in the hearts of people and also try to secure the release of their fellow criminals in custody, but unfortunately they have failed in their aim and quest. The state governor urged Imo people and visitors in the state to go about their normal businesses, assuring them that the government is on top of the situation.

The President had described the attack as an act of terrorism. Nigerians had also expressed fear over this trend of attack on security operatives and facilities in the region, saying that if the issue is not handled immediately it might escalate into something more terrible.

This move from Enugu Correctional Centre is quite timely and commendable, because the gunmen may probably be planning an attack on the facility. But with this smart move, they will be able to forestall any possible attack.


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