Ahmed Tinubu Has Gone For Exile After Committing Genocide

APC Leader and former Lagos State Governor Ahmed Tinubu also known as Jagaban has gone for exile in the United Kingdom after committing genocide on Nigerians. He left Lagos, Nigeria and flew to France and from France to the United Kingdom after the massacre in Lekki Tollgate by Nigerian soldiers on peaceful Nigerian #EndSARS protester. On Tuesday 20th October 2020 was declared a Black Tuesday after Nigerian soldiers shot on unarmed ad peaceful Nigerian youths that were protesting for the brutality melted on them by the SARS operative.

However, because of the violent and crisis escalating in Lagos State, the Lagos State Governor declared a 24 hours curfew in the state to stop the Nigerian youth from protesting any further, but Nigerian youth were resistant and came out in masses to protest amidst the 24 hours curfew imposed by the state government. Unfortunately around 7:00 PM on Tuesday 20th October 2020, Nigerian Soldiers marched down tollgate and massacre innocent and peaceful Nigerians who were protesting and agitating for their freedom from police brutality.

Before the attack on innocent Nigerian youth by the Nigerian army, CCTV cameras and street lights in Lekki Tollgate was turned off and the soldiers starting shooting on the protesters sporadically in the dark as Nigerian youths run for their life with over 70 reported death and 300 sustained severe injuries. The shooting went on from 7:00 PM till daybreak. However, DJ Switch and other Nigerian youth who survived the massacre video and recorded the incident live and shared it on several social media outlet as evidence on the genocide attack. It was also reported that Nigerian soldiers sent back the medical team that came to treat the injured and disposed the dead bodies to cover their crimes.

However, Ahmed Tinubu who is believe to be the sole owner and proprietor of Lekki Tollgate ran for his life in the early hours of Wednesday morning 21st October 2020 around 5:00 AM. He flew to France on his private jet and went on exile. Nigerians in France spotted him in France and called him a thief and murderer. He later left France and flew to United Kingdom where he is currently receiving shelter from the United Kingdom leaders.

It was believed with evidence that Ahmed Tinubu was responsible for the Lekki Tollgate massacre. Reports reaching us confirm that it was Ahmed Tinubu that ordered the Nigerian soldiers to ambush the Nigerian youths and annihilate them since they are blocking tollgate and disrupting his business. But when he was interviewed through phone call, Ahmed Tinubu denied the accusation stating that he doesn’t have the power to control the Nigerian army and that it is only the President and Chief of Army Staff that has the power to command the Nigerian army.

Unfortunately, Nigerian youth have retaliated by attacking Ahmed Tinubu properties and assets in Lagos. His five star hotel “Oriental hotel” worth millions of dollars was set ablaze by angry Nigerian youth. His television station “TVC” worth millions was also set ablaze by Nigerian youth. His newspaper company “The Nation” worth millions was also set ablaze. All his customize buses “BRT” almost 20 in numbers worth millions was also set ablaze.

The Governor of Lagos state was not left behind as he was also accused as the master minder behind the Lekki tollgate massacre. His mother’s house worth millions was set ablaze by angry Nigerian youth and several of his assets and properties worth millions were also set ablaze by angry Nigerian youth. ATM points, several Nigerian banks, police stations and many other properties in Lagos State, Nigeria were also destroyed. Lives were lost, people were injured and properties worth billions of dollars were destroyed in Lagos State and several other cities in Nigeria.

The worst part is that the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari has refused to speak and has remain mute over this bloody violent and crisis going on in several parts of the country. Even the Nigerian senate has informed the president to address Nigerians, but till date the president is still silent over the issue. However, Nigerian youth are still protesting and destroying properties. They now want a revolution in Nigeria. They want the President, Muhammadu Buhari to resign from office and apologize to Nigeria for his tyranny and bad government.

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