Allow Me To Die I Have Lost Hope – 7 year old Boy Tells His Mother

A woman named Anastasia married a handsome villager in a tribe somewhere in Africa. They wanted a big family, so they had eight children together. Anastasia and her husband were very happy together and protected their children from attack or any form of harm. Anastasia’s husband worked very hard to provide food for the family and they never went hungry.

One of Anastasia son who goes by the name John was born normal but unfortunately grew up with an enlarged tummy. Anastasia took her poor son to the hospital for medical examination and treatment. Unfortunately, the treatment made it worse. It didn’t get better and John started vomiting, and blood was dripping from his lips.

His parents were worried and had to take him to several hospitals. The doctors in those hospitals told his parents that their son’s organs were damaged and couldn’t be saved. And that he needs to have a surgery outside their country, maybe in the western country where an expert will look into his case.

Poor John couldn’t get help anywhere to fund his overseas treatment. And so things started getting worse. After John’s father lost his job, Anastasia became the sole breadwinner of the family. She struggled to save money for his medical care.

The doctor said the only way to save Anastasia’s son was to drain his stomach of excess water and shrink his large belly. Anastasia cannot afford John’s medication, which costs about $150 per tablet. Poor John later became his village’s mockery boy, who referred to him as a “pregnant boy.” John doesn’t go to school; he was in emotional trauma and always scream in pain.

John told his mother one night that he was dying and was going to leave her. The poor boy said he would die and leave her because the pain is too much for him to bear. He said he would rather die than cause her stress.

John’s parents cannot afford his medical treatment, and he fears he will soon die. Anastasia cannot bear to see her son slowly die from his illness. She has been soliciting for funds to travel her poor son abroad for treatment but to no avail.

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