An Old Woman Lament That She Is Still A Virgin At 70 And Wish To Marry A 22 Years Old Man

In this trending news, a 70 years old woman by theĀ  name Genevieve who was featured in Afrimax English, a very popular documentary channel on YouTube has revealed that she has never had an intimacy since she was born, neither has she been in any form of love affair or romantic relationship.

The lady who was born in 1952 grew up with a very poor health condition that prevented her from walking. Her condition made it impossible for her to go about her daily activities without the aid of someone to assist her. Her parents had always been the ones taking care of her but they couldn’t send her to school due to lack of funds to buy her a wheelchair.

Genevieve spent her childhood and her adulthood as a physically challenged lady, she can only move by crawling. She went through severe pain as a teenage and was laughed at by people.

She said she is still a virgin as she has never had the opportunity to find a love partner or get intimate with anyone due to her condition, she said during the interview that she never had the energy for relationships. Upon realizing that she may not get a husband, she decided to become a nun but unfortunately, that didn’t work out well because of her condition which made it very hard for her to meet up with the requirements.

She also lost her parents along the line and her neighbors took on the responsibility of helping her with food as she couldn’t afford to get a job. She said her neighbors have been the ones feeding her from the little they had and only when they had. She said she stays without food whenever her neighbors are without food.

Genevieve during the interview said that she’s ready to be someone’s wife as long as they will live together. When asked about the age of the man she would love to be with, she hilariously said a 21 years old man.

Amazingly, Genevieve still holds a beautiful smile on her face despite her condition and predicaments, she is indeed a strong lady.

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