An Open Letter From An Angry Fulani Man To All Igbos And Yorubas Living In The North

Dear Yorubas and Igbos in the North, after going through the news of how people were being killed in the country, especially in areas like Niger, Kaduna, Borno, Anambra and Adamawa, I was so devastated as nobody will hear such news and still be happy. That is why I decided to create some awareness to the Yorubas and Igbos residing in the North. The measures to be taken to be safe from the killings and insecurity facing our country will be explained below.

The terrorists and bandits terrorizing this country have been sponsored by rich men living abroad. Their aim is to reduce the world population especially the Africans to a minimum number, so that resources can be fully utilized and the world economy can be stable. The world population is 7.9 billion and Africans population alone is 1.2 billion.

No matter how good your tribe maybe, some people may still decide to be the opposite. Our people are being killed too, so nobody is benefitting from the brutalities of these terrorists. Based on the fact that the Federal Government are aware of the rampant killings of innocent people by armed Bandits, Herdsmen and the Boko haram group, the Government has decided to pay deaf ears to the voice of its citizens.

So, it is now left for you to protect yourself. If you find the opportunity to travel back to your state, please do so and if you don’t, just stay safe and avoid roaming about. Nigeria’s security system has collapsed and nobody is safe in the country. This is not the time to gallivant or go for an excursion. If you are a Muslim, use this Fasting period to pray and if you are a Christian, cry unto God for help. I pray that during this period, nobody will fall victim to evil people.


Austine Ikeru
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