Angry Mob Sets Two Women Ablaze In Osun State

Angry Mob In Iwo Kingdom, Osun State has taken laws into their hands to set two women ablaze for involving themselves in kidnapping. It was gathered that the two women were caught up yesterday after they tried to kidnap a four year old child in Iwo Kingdom, Osun State.

According to sources, it was gathered that they were three in number, two women and a man, unfortunately, the man escaped and the community members were able to capture the two female kidnappers that were involved.

According to one of the community residents, he said that the two female kidnappers were first taken to the palace, but it happened that the Oba was not around. So the angry mob took decisions on their own hands and decided to set the two women ablaze.

They said that the kidnappers have been terrorizing their area for the past few months thereby causing security threat in their area. They went on saying that the third member of the kidnappers have not yet gone scot – free, he must surely be searched for and as well be treated like how his mates were treated.

The community members stated that they didn’t want to involve the police in this case, that all they wanted was to handle the case themselves. Anyway, they did a good job by identifying the crime suspect, but the mistake they did is taking the decision of jungle justice which is inhuman and illegal. For me I think the best thing they should have done was to take them to the police station for proper investigation.

In my own point of view, personally I condemn the act of jungle justice this is because you may not know if that person is right or wrong, if that person is guilty or innocent. Because in the past many have lost their lives due to jungle justice and after sometime it was revealed and confirmed that they were innocent, but unfortunately the deed has already been done.


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