Anyone That Doesn’t Support Our Islamic Country Would Only Be Our Target – Boko Haram To Villagers

It is now clear of what the terrorist group in Nigeria wants. Since 2002, Boko Haram has been in Nigeria and they have wanted a country of their own. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because Nigeria isn’t ready to break up. They were peaceful in their course till 2009 when they became violent.

Now, speaking with the people of Borno and Yobe state, they said they want peace and that anyone who is against their course is their target.

According to the report given by Sahara reporters, they said they want a country of their own. A country of people who believes in Islam, in other words, they want an Islamic state. They appeal to the villagers and people around to follow them. In return, they promise them security, good food and clothing.

According to reports from Sahara Reporters and it reads; “Boko Haram boasts plans to have separate Islamic country, lures Borno and Yobe residents. Sahara Reporters gathered that the insurgents appealed to the villagers to join the group as militants and support their cause.”

What are we going to say about this? It’s obvious that everyone wants separation as we speak. Even the deadliest terrorist group in Nigeria has spoken their mind on what they want. Only an Islamic country and that would be all. Do we think this would be possible? If it won’t be possible, what would be the fate of the Christians and Muslims in Nigeria who are against each other?


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