Apologize To Nigerians For Misleading Them – Rufai Oseni Tells President Tinubu

Controversial Arise News presenter, Rufai Oseni has asked President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to apologize to Nigerians for misleading them in 2012 over his claims on fuel subsidy during the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan. It will be recall that Tinubu in 2012 had kicked against Goodluck Jonathan for removing petrol subsidy.

Tinubu had condemned Jonathan move in a broadcast titled “Removal of oil subsidy – President Jonathan breaks social contract with the people.” The publication was dated on Wednesday, January 11, 2012, and was an edition of The Nation newspaper.

Findings reveal that Tinubu made the statement in reaction to the removal of fuel subsidies by the Jonathan-led government. He further described the subsidy removal by the PDP-led government as “Jonathan tax.”

Recently, Tinubu had upon assumption of office on May 29, 2023 declared a total removal of fuel subsidy. Reacting to Tinubu’s submission in 2012, Rufai Oseni insisted that President Tinubu ought to apologize to Nigerians for misleading them.

Speaking via Twitter, he wrote; “President Tinubu, once wrote a long article claiming subsidy is a scam. He orchestrated the 2012 nationwide protest and strike until Goodluck Jonathan had to change his decision. All I will ask is what changed. Isn’t it time to apologize for misleading Nigerians.

Rufai Oseni further stated that now that Tinubu has increased fuel price Nigerians should expect the worst recession that the country has never encountered. However, some people are still having hope that the price of petro will come down, but Rufai Oseni further stated that it is unrealistic to expect the prices of commodities in Nigeria to come down after it has gone up.

It will be recall that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) while reacting to the hike in fuel price on Tuesday had attributed the change to ‘market forces’. The NNPC Group Chief Executive Officer, Mele Kyari, disclosed this while speaking to journalists after a closed-door meeting with Vice President Kashim Shettima at the State House in Abuja.

Mele Kyari said with the deregulation of the oil sector, market realities will force the price of petrol up sometimes and at other times force it down. According to his words; “This is really what is happening; this is the meaning of making sure that the market regulates itself so that prices will go up and sometimes they will come down also. This is what we have seen, and in reality, this is how the market works,” he stated.

However, Rufai Oseni while sharing his thoughts on the situation in the country opined that it is delusional to expect prices to come down after going up. He insisted that Nigeria is filled with delusional economists who do not understand how the country works. According to his words; “It is delusional to think when prices go up in Nigeria at some point they will come down. Most Nigerians have their head underwater and they claim they are breathing fine. The delusional outlook-suffering and Smiling.

“All I see is too many delusional economists and they hardly understand how the economy of Nigeria and its business terrain play out. If you run a small business in Nigeria you will understand my drift,” he stated.

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