Apostle Paul Okikijesu Release Shocking Prophecy Saying That Religious And Tribal War Will Happen In Nigeria

Apostle Paul Okikijesu of the Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry has come up with fresh prophecies, warning of religious and tribal war in Nigeria. He said there will be a deadly crisis between the Hausa and Fulani, and also called on Christians to be vigilant because a religious war, according to him, is about to happen.

The cleric also called on the Yoruba people to be on alert, saying that some of their leaders are selling the future of the youths.

According to his words; “Thus says the Lord: I have previously mentioned that a misunderstanding will happen between the Hausa and the Fulani in a manner that will make the Arewa to cry out.

“Religious war is about to happen, so the Christians should be vigilant. Religious war is coming and it will be very severe and have widespread effects in several States. Tribal war will happen and tribes will rise up against another. The Yoruba will not be united, likewise, the Igbo people will not be united and that is what will lead to misunderstanding.

“There will be a lack of unity between the Arewa and the Fulani people. These misunderstandings will bring out statements that will lead to a religious war. People should pray against misunderstanding that can lead to religious and tribal war that can destroy great things,” Apostle Paul Okikijesu revealved in a statement to Daily Post on Tuesday.

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