Apostle Suleman Reveals Nigeria Real Problem

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International has attributed the problem of Nigeria to bad leadership. According to Apostle Suleman in a video posted on his official Facebook page on Friday, the church is not Nigeria’s problem; bad leadership is the problem of Nigeria.

It was earlier reported that a weakening economy, rising insecurity and violent conflicts threaten the progress made in Nigeria’s democratic development. While some Nigerians often play down the positive influence of religious institutions, but Apostle Suleman strongly feels it is wrong to fault the church for calamity and problems of Nigeria.

According to his words; “I hear people say religion has made Nigeria poor. Which religion if I may ask” Apostle Suleman asks rhetorically. “Religion is not leadership; the problem of Nigeria is bad leadership. It is not the church but the government. You will see somebody praying, you will see a group of Christians praying, the next thing they will carry it out, saying ‘look at that, Nigeria is praying and we are still poor. Does China pray like this,” Apostle Suleman stated.

“Don’t try to talk down prayer and bring the point that is very irritating, that does not even tally. ‘Oh look at Elon Musk, he is rich, does he pay tithe?’ Do you know the charity those men give? Bill Gates, the other time he came to Kano and gave billions of dollars for polio. That is worth more than the tithe of the whole church in Nigeria put together. Everybody have what they believe in. Leave people to believe in Jesus. Leave people to believe in what they believe in.

“I am not of the support that pastors should exploit people. I am against it. I have told our people, tithe in a church does not belong to a pastor, it belongs to the church. Every pastor should be on an allowance. So I don’t believe a pastor should eat church money. No, I don’t believe in that. Get something doing. Don’t talk down on Christians just because you are angry at certain group of people,” he stated.

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