Appreciate What You Have [Inspiring Story]

stop thinkingMany people have something that makes them different from others, God has created everybody on this earth & created us with something unique and everybody is gifted with something great. The only problem people have is when they don’t value or appreciate what there have. People always compare themselves with others and wish to be like others not wanting to be whom there truly are.

In this post I am going to reveal to you what you really possess and how to start appreciating what you have and stop comparing yourself with others. I will also tell you a story and personal experience of a neighbor in my former compound and this story will help to explain my point of view very clearly.

The world needs change and for that change to take place you need to change yourself first, you need to change your mindset, your thoughts and mentality. It is only when you are able to change yourself that is when you can be able to truly change the world. Everybody is gifted with talents and potentials; you have something very unique which only you and God that created you know. Stop limiting yourself, stop comparing yourself and stop discouraging yourself. Start appreciating what you truly have. You are great, you have great potential, what you need is to manifest what you have into people’s lives and reap the fruit of your hard labor.

I never knew I could be a good writer until I started to write, you never can tell what you are until you start doing what you love doing and have passion for. Don’t do things because others are doing it, don’t force yourself on what you don’t like doing. Stop comparing people with yourself and try to prove yourself to be unique. You are a winner, Jesus Christ died for us to become great winners, successful and embrace heaven and there is nothing the devil or evil ones can do to stop your progress.

Life is beautiful only if you live a worthy life free from sin and hatred. You never know what you have until you act upon it. Popularly Nigerian actors Aki and Pawpaw started acting Nollywood movies because there found passion in it. African richest blogger Linda Ikeji started blogging because he found passion in it Whenever you have passion in what you do, there is no way you cannot become successful in it. You need to start appreciating what you have and when you do that you will understand your worth and begin to value yourself.

You know that saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone?” That saying needs to go away. Because we need to start appreciating the things we have in front of us, right now. Not when they go away and are long gone and suddenly we are left with nothing but regrets. That is when you will hear people saying; “I have this before I have that before” We need to learn how to be happy with what we have while we have them and stop comparing ourselves with others.

When we start comparing ourselves with others it will make us do things that will hurt us later in the future, it will make us to be jealous and ready to do things desperately just to be like others. God created us all in different ways and that is why all our fingers are not equal, that practical experiment insinuates that everyone of us are different in creation and  we should learn to appreciate different things in different ways and be contended with what we have.

There is this girl in my compound back days in secondary school when I was still in Cross River State in the south-south part of Nigeria. She was 22 years old then and was an undergraduate of the Federal College of Education in the state studying Business Education and was in year one then. She lives in my compound (face me-I face you) then and she was very proud of herself and always see herself with high esteem. She never invites any visitor to her house and nobody in her school knew she was living in that compound. She is very beautiful, tall and fair in complexion and always dresses gorgeous and full with fashion. Looking at her will tell you she is automatically an “Ajebo” (rich girl) but when you go deeper and study her more you will know she is a real “Kpako” (poor girl).

Whenever we are together in the front yard of our compound and she sees her classmate, she will quickly hide at my back for them to pass and when she gets to school she will lie to them that she is living at Ayade Estate (a beautiful and exclusive flat where rich people live in). She claims she was living there, whereas it was her friend that was actually living there. So when ever people wants to know her place she will take them to her friend place at Ayade Estate and claim it is her room and her friend understood her and never told anybody that she isn’t the rightful owner of the room.

One day when she was coming out from her friend’s flat a young handsome man with black Ranch Rover Sport 2o16 Model called her attention and decides to give her lift to school. She agreed and entered the car. As there were inside the car the man asked her a lot of questions just to know more about her. Just for her not to look too local before this handsome young man, she lied that she was actually staying in Ayade Estate while she is staying in Face me-I face you compound. When the guy ask of her parents she lied that her parents are in the United State of America while she is studying here in Nigeria and will eventually join them when she completes her education. She immediately brought out the Iphone her friend gave her to give to the rightful owner Janet in school and she was pretending as if she was making call with the phone. Then the young man asked her about the phone and she immediately says it was hers and that her Dad bought the phone is New York City in the United State and sends it to her through a family friend.

This guy was really amazed at her response and concluded she must be from a wealthy family. He became really interested in this girl and invited her home to see her family. The guy is based in the United State and decides to come home to look for a wife before going back. When he brought the girl to his family house the girl dressed in her best attire and was looking very beautiful and gorgeous. The guy told his parents exactly what the girl said that her parents lives in US and that she will join them when she eventually finish her education in Nigeria.

The guy parents accepted her and treated her like a daughter in-law. She was assigned an official car with driver, who will be driving her to school and bringing her back home. She was given nice dress and good apartment. She told her friend about the guy and the lies, her friend advised her to stop all this games and tell the guy the truth about herself. And she said that if she does that the guy will no longer have interest in her. The friend advised her to do so and then encouraged her that most wealthy young men aren’t asking after a girl because of her class or personality, but rather there are asking interested in a girl because they love her and cherish her. And told her to tell the young man the truth about herself and have faith because if the man truly loves her, he will understand and let bygone be bygone. But if she continues with her lies she might lose the man.

This girl refused and continues with her game. Then, the guy proposes to her and she happily accepted the proposal, and marriage date was fixed. She wanted the marriage to be a court marriage and a simple wedding where she can invite just a few friends, but the guy parents refused, they want the marriage to be a grand ceremony and wanted the girl to invite all her family members. That is where she became confused; her poor parents in the village never knew she had a boyfriend talk more of a fiancé. She started wondering how to convince rich couples to stand for her as her parents, she begged her rich friend the one that lives in Ayade Estate to convince her parents to stand as her parents during the marriage, but the girl refused saying she can’t use her parents to deprive her biological parents the right of parenthood. And still advise her to say the truth and stop living a fake life.

She insisted that they can’t know her true identity and that she is not ready to lose the guy and the wealth he has. When the guy’s family asks of her parents, and inquire if they are not coming for the wedding, she lied to them that they were really busy in US and could not make it to the wedding. She convinced them that her parents have sent her uncle to represent them; she then invited a rich man whom she bribed to stand in for her as her uncle until the wedding is over. The guy’s parents could not say more but to accept to her terms and the wedding was finally fixed.

But there is this saying that something cannot be hidden forever. The guys parents printed and circulated the wedding invitation card to everybody that there know and gave some copy to the press to place it in their newspaper for the sake of those who could not get the invitation.

One day a man from her village who doesn’t know her in person was returning home from Calabar and saw a newspaper and decided to buy it. When he got to his village bus stop, he entered a Taxi and decided to read the newspaper in the taxi, after reading the newspaper he drop it on the chair of the taxi and slept off. When he got to his destination he forgot the newspaper and came down from the taxi. The taxi driver never knew that his passenger has forgotten his newspaper. So he speed off, just some few miles away he saw another passenger, guess who it was? It was the girl’s mother, she wanted to go to the market to buy food stuff and decided to enter the taxi so that she can get there quickly and come back and attend to other things.

While in the taxi, she saw the newspaper and decided to glance at it a little. When she looked at the newspaper headline to her greatest surprise she saw her daughter picture with a man and about to be married. She was surprise that her daughter has changed her surname and her English name. She opened the page the read more details, she was really shock and confused because the marriage was about to take place in two days time. Immediately she asks the taxi driver to reverse back, she paid him off and went to see her husband. They went to the city of Calabar together and lodged in a hotel, the next day they went straight to the church and sat at the back seat.

The groom and bride were ushered in and after the priest finished saying the prayer of blessing, he call upon the groom parents to come out and the guys parents came out immediately, then the priest call on the bride parents to come out and this innocent woman and her husband came out including the man who posed as her uncle. When this girl saw her biological parent she almost fainted, the guy and his parents were surprise. The parents came forward and told the priest that the young lady is their only daughter; they live together happily in the village and used the only money in their possession to send her to school. But it really hurt them to realize that this daughter they love and cherish so much is getting married today without even inviting them or any of their kinsmen.

The girl parents uttered this word in sorrowful mood, the officiating priest was confused and the wedding was cancelled. The guy and her family left the church and abandon the girl. Everybody left and the priest also left. The girl was left alone with her father and mother. The mother looked at her and said;

*My daughter, why are you ashamed of us and forsake us? Is it because we are poor. We did everything we could do to give you a bright future by sending you to the college. How could you abandon your biological parents because of money and wealth?”

She and her husband left and this girl fell down and started crying, she was crying not because she lose the guy she wanted to marry, but because she disgraced her parents and destroyed her family dignity.

Be contended with whatever you have, appreciate what you have and never compare yourself with others. God knows the best for you and will surprise you in due time. She lost the guy she wanted to marry, lost her dignity and respect as a woman and lost her family dignity.

So many relationships end, so many loved ones pass away, and so many people are left regretting their time spent with them. They regret not saying I love you enough, or treating them with as much care as they deserved. And I get that in the moment, it’s not always easy to appreciate what you have. You might be fighting with your significant other and spit horrible words at them. You might spend time with someone you love without really even noticing they’re there because their presence has grown so familiar. You aren’t always consciously aware that this might be the last opportunity you have with them. But we should damn well try to make an effort to appreciate the ones we love while we have them in front of us. There is no worse feeling than having regret with absolutely no way to make up for it.

Lies are the worst thing to inculcate in human character; it destroys relationship, love, your reputation and makes you look fake. Never worship people because they have too much money, be contended with what you have, appreciate what God has given you and more will come your way.

Don’t let someone you love die until you come to the conclusion that you should care and love the people you have in front of you as much as you can. Don’t let what you love and cherish so much split out of your finger because of mistakes. Learn to depend on yourself, learn to value and appreciate what you have, be contended with what you have, never compare yourself with anyone, know your worth, value your dignity, never allow money to eat deep into your conscious mind, be wise, be smart, think great, have passion for what you are doing, be determine in life, have faith, have hope, be independent, never look back, don’t give up and don’t leave a fake life. You are a winner and a conqueror, God created you in his image and likeness and for that reason he has endowed you with great talents and potentials. It is now left for you to realize and actualize that talent.

I wish you all what you wish yourselves and hope you will learn to be contended with what you have, appreciates what you have and never compare yourself with others in life. I believe this post have really inspired you. Never miss a day without visiting this blog and may God bless you as you do. If you have anything to say you can always hit the comment box and I will be right there to answer all your questions.

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