Arewa Secretary General Anthony Sani Reveals What Will Divide Nigeria In 2021

Anthony Sani who is the immediate past Secretary-General of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has stated that Nigeria will divide soon. Arewa Consultative Forum is an umbrella covering all the Yoruba tribe. Anthony Sani stated that those who are agitating for restructuring Nigeria wished that Nigerians should live as if they are in different countries and not in one united Nigeria.

Arewa Consultative Forum Secretary-General, Anthony Sani further added that if restructuring must remain on the national discourse, it should be left for politicians and political parties to ensure it forms part of their manifestos in order to convince their supporters to accept it or not. This was contained in a statement made available to journalists on Thursday.

According to the words of Anthony Sani: “Those who insist on restructuring of the country that will allow sections of the country to develop at their own pace are those who ignore the reduction of inequality that comes with balanced development and good governance is not only good economics but also good politics.

“Such people wish Nigerians should live as if they are in different countries and not in one Nigeria. Nigeria cannot afford to be a nation where some sections are on the cutting edge while some others are on the knife-edge of survival.

“Since the term restructuring means different things to different groups of people, the democratic way of going around the problems is for political parties which seek to restructure the country to articulate their versions of restructuring in their respective party manifestos which they can use to enlighten the people for informed judgment during elections” the statement stated.


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