BBNaija: Kiddwaya Breaks Up With Erica As Laycon Takes Over

Big Brother Naija housemates Erica and Kiddwaya have finally broke up. The two housemates broke up yesterday after they both could no longer curtail each other. The two love birds who have been entertaining us with their romantic drama has finally call it a quit on their relationship. Kiddwaya stated that he just wish they could be just friends and nothing more. Kiddwaya stated that Erica could not handle him and that she is too emotional and he doesn’t want to break her heart.

However, after the breakup, BBNaija housemate, Laycon had to advised Erica concerning her break up with Kiddwaya. Erica, who was sad about her break up with the Benue-born billionaire’s son, had a conversation with Laycon on how stupid she felt choosing Kiddwaya over him.

However, during the conversation, Laycon advised Erica not to feel that way and stop thinking about what others are saying. Laycon advised Erica to follow her heart and do what really makes her happy. He advised her not to be bothered about what people think and that she should be herself and be happy.

Laycon’s advice was after Kiddwaya broke up with Erica and request that they should just be friends. The long term lovers who have garnered fans from their relationship seem to have gone their separate ways following a conversation on Friday.

Erica had expressed her intention for the relationship, saying he wants more than kisses and sex talks, which seems like the only thing Kiddwaya has to offer. However, Kiddwaya on the other hand had nothing to say.

However, Erica has given reasons for breaking up with her lover, Kiddwaya. Erica and Kiddwaya, who were seen by housemates and viewers of the reality show as having the strongest relationship in the Lockdown house, announced the end of their love chapter on Friday, 28th August 2020.

Erica had complained that Kiddwaya, the billionaire’s son, had no respect or regard for her. Now, other housemates such as Neo and Brighto have tried to make peace between the ex-lovers and asked Erica to tell her side of the story.

In response she said, “…I’m bored with all the sex talks Kiddwaya brings. I’m bored. I’m bored. All he talks about is ‘I want to kiss you…kiss your neck…have sex with you. I’m bored. Okay, he actually feels he can do anything he wants. I don’t have to accept it. I have accepted a lot of rubbish things from him. I know what I deserve. I’m bored with all the sex talks.”

However, When Kiddwaya was approached by one of the housemate to state why he decided to dump Erica, Kiddwaya maintained that he decided to end his relationship with Erica because Erica can’t handle someone like him. Kiddwaya has insisted that his relationship with Erica is over, even as other housemates try to bring them back together.

Kiddwaya said he cannot make Erica happy, adding that his life wasn’t catered towards that. Erica in her own part of the story revealed that she broke up with Kiddwaya because he has no respect nor regard for her. Kiddwaya in his own part of the story stated that he felt that he upsets Erica more than he makes her happy and for this reason decided to quit the relationship.

However, fellow housemates, Prince and Neo sought to know what was behind the sudden breakup and Kiddwaya stated that he prefer for them to be friends because he cannot make her happy. He further stated that his life is not catered towards that and that will not change. He went further to state that Erica can’t handle someone like him and that’s the truth.

Immediately after the breakup, Erica had to run back to Laycon. Erica and Laycon were caught on camera last night hugging passionately and sharing kisses. This happened just a few hours after Kiddwaya and Erica, long term partners in the house, broke up. Laycon was heard telling Erica, “I’m sorry.”

When she asked him why he was sorry, he replied, “I don’t know but I’m sorry,” he stated as they continued holding each other tightly. Laycon had always expressed his love for Erica and sees himself as the best man for her. Well his dream has come true and the like the saying goes, a patient dog eat the fattest borne.

However, outside the house people thought he had given up what was seen as a wild goose chase before now, but it seems hopes have returned following yesterday’s development.

Recall that Erica had recently berated Laycon for gossiping about her with the other housemates. This was after Laycon was pained by Erica’s rejection as the Abia-born female housemate picked Kiddwaya over him. Erica had once made it clear that while she is mentally attracted to Laycon, she is physically attracted to her lover, Kiddwaya. But now that she has ended her relationship with Kiddwaya, she has decided to give Laycon a chance to prove his love towards her.


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