Best Speakers for This Christmas Season

Music is integral to today’s fast-paced life. Speakers aren’t just for listening to music, they’re the perfect output for white noise whenever you want it. They keep you in your own vibe and have amazing psychological benefits. Finding a good speaker today can be a daunting task simply because there isn’t one that stands out the most. Whether you’re looking for a simple Bluetooth speaker with functionality that suits your needs, a soundbar for a bigger oomph, or an entire home theater for an enjoyable, family weekend, we’re here for you.

Before we begin, we’d like to mention that smart speakers like those from Bose, JBL, Sony, or any big company for that matter, demand a good internet connection to ensure connectivity. CenturyLink provides a reliable connection for speakers to stay connected with phones and keep playback going on. If you’re looking for music streaming for hours on end while you work on your tasks, play games or just enjoy good background music then it’s a good habit to have a fast and reliable intern connection.

Let’s get into what are the best speakers you can find these days, perhaps on sale, for an enjoyable Christmas season filled with tunes of your choice.

Sonos One

The main reason why Sonos rose to prominence was that it provided quality at a cheaper price when compared to big companies. The Sonos One carries forward that tradition by boasting amazing sound quality while coming in at just $219. Additionally, you can’t get a speaker of this compact size with such crisp sound and such rich bass.

Oh, and did we mention it comes with the option of either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa? This little boom box can talk to you, and shoot out music that will blow you away and all this is packed in a neat, aesthetic package. Doesn’t get any better. You could hang it up on your Christmas tree and get the beats going.

Roku Streambar

This is a bit of an unorthodox pick. You’d wonder Roku could be a streaming service, have TVs at the ready but a speaker? Really? And that’s where the Streambar asks for a chance to prove itself because one try is all it needs to impress you. This compact device is a hybrid soundbar that stream 4K video as well as play good-quality sounds.

Of course, it’s meant to be paired with a TV, ideally, one that is in the bedroom so the Streambar can properly manifest its awesomeness with an incredible home theater right next to your bed.

Edifier R1280DB

These chunky speakers are the reason why home theater exists. The Edifiers have an incredible sound spectrum and a woofer that is a delight to experience. Put up your Christmas Carols when the family is over or play some snazzy beats when you’re by yourself and get this speaker to show you just how awesome it can get.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t support USB connections so you will have to connect via Bluetooth but the quality is contained so you have nothing to worry about. This entire package can be yours for $150 or you could wait for sales to show up and then have the potential possibility of grabbing one for less than $100.

Fluance XL8F

Looking to buy vertical, tower-like speakers that aren’t there just for the aesthetics and pack a good punch sound quality-wise? The Fluance XL8F is your best bet. Whether you’re looking for a home theater booster or simply good music playback, these vertical wonders will do the trick.

The sound quality has a nice zing to it and the finish on these is absolutely stunning. They look good, play good and give you good value for money. There is no debate with them when it comes to grabbing a set of good-looking, tall speakers, this Christmas!

Tribit Stormbot Micro

This little devil has got multiple things going for it. First and foremost though is the price tag. Sitting at just $50, you can get this device during your weekend shopping. No need to even think much about it. Need a speaker without it biting on your conscience? This guy is it.

Plus, you get top-notch bass thanks to the premium materials used to construct this little wonder and waterproofing for those lazy, Saturday summer days. In the pool by yourself or with a group of friends, this little device has got your back to set a whole vibe.

Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2

If you’re one of those reminiscing about the old days when you’d have a white/grey desktop running Windows 98 and two speakers on the table with dismal audio quality then don’t worry, we got your back. The Elac look like the same speakers but with the exception of having amazing audio. Enjoy a classic take on retro speakers. Though you may seldom want to pay a steep price of $400. For Christmas, they may be on sale so it never hurts to check them out.


We’ve done our best to assemble the best-looking and the best-sounding speakers available this Christmas season. If you’re in the market to grab a nice sound device for yourself, consider giving either of these a look. You won’t be disappointed.

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