Buhari Must Do Something Or Else We Will Take Law Into Our Hands – Niger Youth Leader Declared

It is a pity that our peaceful country Nigeria is been threatened by bandits and Fulani Herdsmen. So many lives, properties, food stuffs and other items have been wasted by Fulani Herdsmen and bandits. A short video was shared on punch Newspaper with a write up saying; “Insecurity: Buhari must do something or else we will take the law into our hands”. This statement was made by Niger youth leader.

In the short video, we can see how angry the youths are looking, they can’t fold their arms and watch the country being destroyed by Fulani Herdsmen. The youth president pleads for justice. He also pleaded to President Mohammed Buhari to allow the youths use AK47 the same way that Fulani Herders are using it. Fulani Herders are misusing the use of AK47; therefore, reasonable youths should be given the opportunity to handle AK47 for security purposes.

According to him, he stated that he saw the way Fulani Herdsmen invaded their village and murdered innocent people; some are presently hospitalized for treatment while some are already dead. In tears, the youth president of Niger state and others are asking President Mohammed Buhari to arise and restore back peace in the country.

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