#BuhariMustGo; Massive Protest Hit Abuja, Lagos And Ibadan

Nigerian youth have taken to the street to protest against bad government and insecurity in the country. The protest seeking an end to president Buhari’s bad government, terrorism, payment of ransom to bandits, restructuring, justice for #Endsars protesters, removal of the 1999 constitution, Buhari must go and among other demands is beginning to rock major cities in Nigeria including Abuja, Lagos and Ibadan, the Oyo state capital.

A similar protest was held in October 2020 when Nigerians demanded an end to the dreaded killer police unit, SARS. The protest in its wake left many Nigerians injured and some die when men in army uniform stormed the Lekki toll gate, the camping ground of the Lagos protesters, opening fire on the peaceful protesters who were waving the Nigerian flag on October 20, 2020.

Though the Nigerian Army had denied ever being involved in the said incidence, however, video evidence shows otherwise, with the Army later admitting that its men were at the Lekki toll gate. The Nigerian Army confirmed this during the sitting of the Lagos judicial panel on police brutality.

The death recorded at the Lekki toll gate which had since been described as a massacre by some, led to the end of the protest nationwide. Apparently displeased with the way the #EndSARS protest ended through the use of security agents nationwide, Nigerians vowed to return to the streets for the second wave of #EndSARS protest and this time around the protest is tagged #BuhariMustGo.

Today, some Nigerians have returned to the streets of Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan to continue the protest despite warnings from President Muhammadu Buhari and the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) against the protest.

You recall, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) have announced they will evoke nationwide protests on June 12, in a bid to persuade the Nigerian government to take stronger action against the daily kidnapping and killing of students and others throughout the country.

Nigeria’s Democracy Day is a public holiday commemorated on June 12 to mark the restoration of democracy to the country. This year, protestors are planning to boycott the public holiday by holding protests.

Members of NANS insist there is nothing worth celebrating as the country continues to be terrorized by the criminal gangs. Although NANS has distance themselves from the proposed protest, claimed that some political leaders want to hijack the movement. However, the Buhari must go protest has already started in several parts of the country.

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