Buy Me Presidential Form Lets Win This Election Together – Yul Edochie Beg Nigerians

Even as the second wife saga is still trending on social media, Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has come out to beg Nigerians to support him and buy the presidential form for him so that he can fix Nigeria once and for all. Yul Edochie has appeal to Nigerians to buy him Presidential form in other for him to fulfill his dream of contesting for Presidency. It is no longer news that Yul Edochie has been trending on social media for the past few days.

It all started after the actor unveiled Nollywood actress Judy Austin as his second wife. The actor has also introduced the son he had with her to the world. The announcement has sparked several reactions on social media. Amid the outrage, the actor has made a new appeal to Nigerians.

He is appealing to Nigerians to buy Presidential form for him which cost about N100 million in other for him to fulfill his dream of contesting for Presidency.

According to the actor, Nigerians should use the same energy they used in criticizing him to vote for him so that he can fix the country for better. Reports reveal that, Yul Edochie will be contesting for Presidency under the umbrella of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA).

Taken to social media he wrote, did you see what we did on Wednesday? We shook the world and still shaking it. The energy you all are applying knows no tribe, no religion, no gender. The Energy is coming from North, East, South and West and all over the world. The energy is united. We are on TV station, Radio station, Blogs, YouTube, every WhatsApp group, market, street, hood, everywhere.

With this energy we can take back our country and fix it. I cannot do it alone, I need you, we need you. My dear Nigerians, please I appeal to you, buy me Presidential form lets win this election. My name is Yul Edochie, I am running for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2023. Thank You and God bless Nigeria. Thank you.

In response to the post, lots of Nigerians and social media users including On-Air Personality Daddy Freeze had called on the actor to fix his family issue first before fixing Nigeria. In response, the actor replied that he will solve his family issue soon, as he ask Nigerians to focus on the general problem that affects us all.

He wrote on his Facebook page, I thank you all for your concern towards my family. The love, concern and support you all have shown me and my family these past few days is overwhelming. Truly appreciated. Thank you.

I promise you that all is well and any issue arising in my family I will sort out amicably as it is my personal problem. For now let’s focus on the general problem that affects us all which is the situation of our country. We have no other country to call our own therefore we must make it work.

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