CAN Chairman Accuse The Nigerian Military Of Aiding Terrorism on Christians in Plateau State

The chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Mangu local government area of Plateau State, Rev. Timothy Daluk, has accused the Nigerian military of overseeing the killings of Christians in the State. In a video shared on social media on Wednesday, he alleged that the military was favoring Muslim areas, suppressing Christian-dominated communities, and even killing youths.

Daluk also claimed that the curfew imposed on the local government area by Governor Caleb Mutfwang in the wake of the sectarian crisis on Tuesday was being partially implemented by the military in favour of the Muslims.

“I am here to report the situation happening in Mangu Local Government for the whole world to understand. What is happening in Mangu at this particular point in time, the military are the ones sending our people away for the militia to burn their houses.

“At this particular point in time, they have sent every Christian away from the new market, thereby leaving the Muslims to come and burn their houses. They set the curfew. The curfew is only restricted to only people within Mangu – within the Christian domain. Within the Muslim domain, they are free to move and do whatever they want to do.

“And not only that, the military has killed three of our young men of which I know. One is before my church. They killed one yesterday, and I reported to the security, and he said it was fake soldiers.

“At first, he said I was lying until I proved to him beyond a reasonable doubt then he finally said it was fake soldiers. I said no, it was not fake soldiers; it was a real soldier who killed him. Finally, they made a signal to the soldier, and he disappeared from the scene.

“Now that I am speaking to you, all of them have switched off their phones, and they allowed the place to be burned down and raided by the people. And this is what is going on now that I am speaking to you,” he narrated in the video.

The CAN chairman, therefore, called for the withdrawal of troops and expressed the intention of organising Christians to defend themselves in the face of ongoing violence in Mangu.

LEADERSHIP reports that armed men had on Wednesday launched a fresh attack in the state, killing no fewer than 30 residents in Kwahaslalek village of Mangu LGA despite the curfew in place.

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has, however, denied the allegations of bias against the Christians in Plateau State.

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