Causes of Abandonment of a Life Career [Inspiring Story]

I have really seen a lot of talents and businesses crush down all because of abandonment. Many have abandoned their career in the name of illicit excuses while others have abandoned their career with the mindset that it is not their fate to pursue such profession. So my question is, why do people abandon their career? and what are to possible solution to this?

In our higher institutions for instant a lot of students have abandon their dream courses all in the name of illicit excuses, some claim, there were no longer good on the field so needs to choose another to replace it while others had to switch to another career or course claiming that the lecturer is frustrating them in that particular course so they had to leave that particular course because of that lecturer.

But I tell you categorically, nobody can decide your destiny for you except you and God, you don’t have to abandon a career God has prepared you for all in the name of irrelevant excuses.

So in this posts we are going to look at the various causes of career abandon, we will look at why people after working so hard on a career or project for so many years, then later abandon it because of some little problems that the person may be facing.

It might be financial problem or psychological problem. Financial problem in the sense that the person does not have enough money to complete the project or they are no money to pursue your career or talents or build your businesses.

Then psychological in the sense that some people decides to abandon their career or talents because they were mocked and made fun of due to the fact that their made some little mistake in the process of pursing the career or walking on a project or because failed countless times in their businesses.

Abandonment is a plague; whatever you started and never finish is cause by evil spirit. You must finish what you have started; if you have completed what you started you would have gone very far in pursuant of your dreams. Abandoning projects, businesses and talents leads to setback. You will regret money spent, time wasted, energy spent and the suffering or sacrifices committed, etc. When you quit it is a total waste.

You are already feeling the pain why not make the gain. It will be better you never started it at all than to try and later quit. When you abandon a project, talent or business something is lost which cannot be found or recovered. Serious effort leads to success. Every time you seek advice from wrong people you become polluted and contaminated. Do what you are supposed to do and let God perfect others for you.

Pray to God to give you power to complete what you have started; abandonment is a serious attack, pray for God to bring what you have started to completion. Whatever you started you must complete it. Pray against the spirit that makes people to start and never complete, life is like a marathon race, so many people on a race (starting point) may run and fall down and only winners are picked up at the finishing point. Winners are never known or seen at the beginning but at the end, so you must finish what you have started. A journey of a millions mile begins with a step.

So the clear the mess up some had no choice but to abandon the project or their career because they now felt defeated and have totally convinced themselves that they cannot become successful pursing that particular career or working on that particular project or investing on that particular business.

For us to solve this problem we have listed the various causes of career abandonment and we will discuss them one after the other so you will learn something from there.

So let’s look at the various causes of career abandonment:


This occur when you do not plan yourself well, remember that before you go into any business you must draw a plan for it, walk on the budget of your business and plan very well on how to execute your project, build your talent, rehearse very well before going for a movie shooting, make sure you are 100 percent prepare for a project before embarking on your business, talents, careers and projects. When you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Planning is the key to successful businesses. Bad planning or no planning at all is the main reason why people fail in their business, talents or projects and had no other option rather than to quit. Careful planning is the secret to successful business. Put down your plan on paper, write it down, have faith that your business will grow and your will fulfil your dreams in matter of time, work towards it.


Your vision of life must be clear, your dreams, your goals and your ambition in life must be clear. Write down your vision and business plan, what do you want to become in the next ten years to come, write down your objectives and how you plan to succeed in life. You must write down your vision on a paper and show to close friends and colleagues to gain more advice.


Many people fail and abandon their businesses because of so many distractions. Doing things at the wrong time, and wasting precious time on irrelevant things. Many people spend more time on beer parlor drinking alcohol to stupor instead of building their businesses or talents.

Many others engage on other social curriculum activities like going to parties, going to watch football match or watching movies instead of working on they projects.

What you need at this process is focus. FOCUS simply means “following one course until successful”. Don’t do two things at the same time, start one first and finish before moving to the second phase, to become successful in life you need to focus on one project first and not focusing your mind on too many projects.

Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial success and freedom in life.

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