Checkout The Multi-million Mansion Own By Nigerian Billionaire E-money

Money is good! This is not a heaven but a multi-million mansion own by Nigerian billionaire, E-money. E-Money whose real name is Emeka Okonkwo has accumulated a huge wealth in his investment, entrepreneurship and industrial cycle. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Five Star Music. His luxurious lifestyle has been catching the heart of millions people living near and far from him. He is a man of taste and style. He is only 39 years old and currently the immediate younger brother to Nigeria Music star Kcee.

Let us feed our eyes with his multi-million mansion that will leave us speechless about how wealthy he is. This mansion is located at Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos and has all the best edifice that one can think of. The house has a swimming pole, a penthouse, a sport facility, and other exotics edifice. The house is worth over N1 billion and has exotic cars of different brands and models parked inside the compound.

Emeka Okonkwo popularly known as E-money is a famous Nigerian billionaire, entrepreneur, investor, business tycoon and the chief executive officer (CEO) of Five Star Music. He is the immediate younger brother to Nigerian famous musician Kcee. He was born on 18th February 1981 in Ajegunle, Lagos State in the south western part of Nigeria. He is currently 37 years old.

He is originally from Anambra State in the south eastern part of Nigeria, but was born and bred in Ajegunle, Lagos State in the south western part of Nigeria, where he completed both his primary and secondary school education and obtained both his First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate. According to him, he came from a poor family background.

He got the nickname E-money after he started spreading money and demonstrating his luxurious lifestyle. However, some other people even call him Arabic money due to his extreme generosity. E-money is not a musician or an actor; instead he is into show business as a label owner and music executive. He is currently the owner of Five Star music. He is currently the immediate younger brother of a Nigerian famous musician Kingsley Okonkwo popularly known as Kcee, who is also a shareholder of the Five Star Music.

E-money is currently married to Juliet Okonkwo and the marriage is blessed with beautiful kids. During an interview, E-Money stated that his journey to success was not easy at all, as he had to struggle and work really hard to be able to accumulate all the wealth that he possess. According to him, he met his wife Juliet when he was still broke and financially unstable and she helped him to get back to feet.

According to his words; “When I first met my wife, I was a young man who was struggling to make ends meet and she was equally very young. She was in her sophomore year at the University. Because she was my first girlfriend and the first woman I ever loved, I remained faithful to her. I was looking for a God-fearing lady who wasn’t excessively concerned with material possessions and who I could plan a future with. Fortunately, I found those qualities in her. Even though I lived in Ajegunle, with my brothers at that time, she visited me on several occasions from Lekki, one of the most influential and luxurious regions in Lagos. I remember that on one of those occasions, she fell into a gutter in a flooded street when he came to visit me in Ajegunle” he said.

E-Money further stated that she was his first girlfriend and apparently the last one. He fell in love with her so deeply that nothing could make him stop thinking about her. So, he proposed to her and she agreed to marry him despite his financial challenges at that time.

E-Money Wife Juliet currently lives in the United Kingdom, while E-money has to run his show business in Nigeria. However, it is not a problem for the family, as he travels to the United Kingdom every week to see his family.

Aside from Five Star Music record label, E-Money has other source of income from other businesses he has invested in. He has a lot of cars and properties making him one of the richest young billionaire in Nigeria. E-Money is popularly known for having a money spraying machine. People have noticed that at several public events, he got a special gun which he uses to spray money.

E-money owns several amazing houses in Nigeria and abroad. In fact, he bragged about his possessions on the internet to the extent that police warned him about revealing and exposing his wealth and finances to the world, which may attract hoodlums and criminals that may want to rob him of his possession, however, he couldn’t care less about it and still posts images of his cars, houses, and leisure time on his official Instagram account.


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