Congrats Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo Has Finally Gotten Married

Popular Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has finally gotten married to the love of his life Gifty Mawuenya. The white wedding of Ghanaian famous actor John Dumelo and his wife Gifty Mawuenya was attended strictly by invitation and the event took place outside Accra. The new couple tied the knot in the presence of their maid of honour in the person of Gifty’s best friend Nadia Buari and Fred Nuamah, respectively, standing by them to show their support.

Before John Dumelo’s white wedding on Saturday, 11th May 2019, Gifty had her bridal shower with her friends and her best friend Nadia Buari didn’t miss it for anything. During the wedding ceremony, John Dumelo out of excitements thrills his wife as the actor twerks during their white wedding ceremony.

In one of the photos of their wedding, the Ghanaian cute actor John Dumelo could be seen staring into the eyes of his beautiful wife Gifty as if to say, that finally he has her for the rest of his life and his wife Gifty was also seen in a very romantic way doing the same. Meanwhile, John Dumelo and his wife welcomed their first child, a boy, six months after their traditional marriage, making people believe that Gifty Mawunya, now Gifty Dumelo, was indeed pregnant before the marriage.

Although the actor while speaking in a chat with Yvonne Okoro, mentioned that he did not plan to impregnate his wife, Gift Mawunya Nkornu, before getting married to her, and that it just happened unexpectedly!. The white wedding of actor John Dumelo and his beautiful wife Gifty was really a marvelous occasion with top celebrities in attendance.

The white wedding took place in Ghana at the Royal Senchi Hotel on Saturday, 11th May 2019. This comes months after their traditional wedding and after they welcomed their first child, a baby boy. One of the highlights of the day was when John Dumelo made entry with his wife and the couples were asked to dance.

The actor not only dropped some hot dance moves but also twerked for gifty as they danced to a song by Burna Boy. Before the dancing, the couples were asked to say their vows. When Gifty said hers, her face was filled with blushes and couldn’t say much but a few words. On John Dumelo’s part, he prayed that he and Gifty will always live together and that she would be by his side when he decides to rule Ghana one day.

It was a star-studded wedding on Saturday at the Royal Senchi Resort in Akosombo, a small city outside Accra the capital city of Ghana as friends and family joined the actor and entrepreneur, John Dumelo and his beautiful wife who held their white wedding in a classic way. Several A-list entertainment personalities, including Nigerian actor and politician Desmond Elliot, Jackie Appiah, James Gardiner, Nadia Buari, Fred Nuamah, were in attendance for the special day, except John Dumelo best friend and bestie of all Yvonne Nelson.

The white wedding comes a year after a beautiful traditional ceremony at Spintex in Accra, Ghana. John Dumelo and his wife, Gifty Mawunya Nkornu have been blessed with a son. The couple had been tight-lipped on the date of their white wedding since their traditional marriage. Over the weekend, actor John Dumelo had his white wedding at Royal Senchi Hotel in Ghana and that had been one of the most trending news till now.

Several celebrities trooped to the event grounds to support the couple but one person missing in action was his ex-bestie and best friend Yvonne Nelson. From the pictures and videos circulating online, we had seen Nadia Buari who happened to be the chief bridesmaid, Yvonne Okoro, Sandra Ankobiah, Jackie Appiah and several others.

But Yvonne Nelson was missing even though she was in the country and sent a very strong message across. However, fans have been wondering why Yvonne Nelson was unable to grace his bestie John Dumelo wedding. Some were asking questions like; were they fighting? Why didn’t she go? Were there issues between the two that made John Dumelo not to invite her? Or did she decides not to attend the wedding willingly?

Well, according to Yvonne Okoro, John Dumelo invited Yvonne Nelson to his white wedding but there was a family emergency and she had to cancel at the last minute. That’s what Yvonne Okoro explained to a fan who asked why her colleague Yvonne Nelson was nowhere to be found.

Even if Yvonne Nelson had an emergency to attend to, it is been almost 48 hours after the event but she hasn’t made a single post to congratulate her bosom friend John Dumelo but she has made a series of congratulatory posts both on her Instagram page and twitter handle to congratulate the actor on his wedding. For her not to attend his wedding we think there is something wrong. It may be that the two best friends might probably be quarreling.

Here’s a screenshot of Yvonne Okoro telling a fan the reason why Yvonne Nelson couldn’t make it to John Dumelo wedding.

It was a beautiful wedding ceremony and just like any wedding, there were lots of emotional moments on the day, especially that time when the couple exchanged their vows. John Dumelo told his wife that he would love her to be by his side when he gets to lead the country someday. Well, we couldn’t also forget that Nadia Buari and Fred Nuamah dance which happens to be the best dance moves by a best man and a chief bridesmaid which thrilled the audience to wow.

However, John Dumelo wedding were attended by close friends of the actor, relatives and some celebrity friends including the likes of Desmond Elliot, Yvonne Okoro, Caroline Sampson, Kalybos, Sandra Ankobiah, Nadia Buari, Fred Nuamah and several others. But the sad news is that his best friend and bestie of all Yvonne Nelson missed his wedding.

John Dumelo is a famous Ghanaian actor, producer and a model. He is the last boy in a family of three children. He was born on 3rd February 1984 in Accra, Ghana. He is currently 35 years old. He had his primary school education at Christ the King International School in Accra, Ghana and his secondary school education at Achimota Secondary School in Accra, Ghana. After which he attended Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

In 2009, he won the Joy FM’s Best Ghanaian Actor and was also nominated for Africa’s Most Promising Actor at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2010. In 2001, he won Africa’s Most Outstanding Actor at the Afro Australian Movies and Music Awards in Australia. In 2012, he won the Best African Actor Award at the African Entertainment Awards held in Malaysia.

Congratulations John Dumelo as you celebrates your wedding.

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