Congrats To Mercy Johnson & Her Hubby AS She Is Expecting Her 4th Baby

Congratulations to Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson who is currently pregnant. Mercy Johnson and her husband Prince Odi Okojie are both expecting their baby Number 4. Mercy Johnson Okojie out of excitement took to her official Instagram page to announce that she is expecting her baby Number 4.

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson is going to be a mum for the fourth time very soon. Mercy Johnson and her husband, Prince Odi Okojie is expecting their fourth child. The beautiful actress announced the good news via her official Instagram page on Wednesday, 18th December 2019. She shared photos of her husband, a scan of the pregnancy and herself and captioned them with the good news.

As she wrote saying;

“We are having a baby ❤️❤️ I have always wanted 4 kids…. always. However, after 3 kids, I thought I had retired from the baby-making business. So a while back, we found out we had a baby on the way. I can’t explain the joy and peace expecting our new baby has brought, or the cravings for food that have followed. I get so emotional easily; in fact right now I have started crying from joy again.

“I’m sharing this with you my family for life, hanging on since day 1, growing with my family and I and always showing all the love. I love you all right back. Baby Okojie 2020 getting ready❤️ God bless you all!!” she wrote.

Congratulations to the Okojies family as they expect the arrival of their fourth baby. Mercy Johnson and her husband recently celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary few months ago. The beautiful Nollywood actress took to her official Instagram page on Tuesday, 27th August 2019, where she shared a video of her family having a nice time. She went on to caption the video with a very cute message for her husband as they celebrate the very special day.

As she wrote;

“@princeodiokojie, how do I tell you about the pain I go through when you are upset with me or when you are not around me? It all makes no sense once you are not a part of it….. Your fragrance fills my every breath plus I can’t live without you and there is no doubt about it… You give me solace and you upset me sometimes but you are mine for sure….no doubt….I have no reason to live without you and that’s a choice…my choice…I love you and hey ” even if you get upset, always tap me the way you do when no one is watching😂🙈🙈I like it….

Mercy Johnson and her husband is unarguably one of the most admired celebrity couples in town at the moment. We love the way they show off their beautiful love story on social media…makes those that are still single want to get married like tomorrow. Once again congratulations to Mercy Johnson as she awaits the arrival of her fourth baby.

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