Couple Celebrates 5th Marriage Anniversary With Prisoner-Lookalike Photos

A married couple are currently going viral on the internet, after their prisoner-inspired marriage anniversary photos surfaced online. The husband and wife who are celebrating their 5th marriage anniversary came up with the surprising photo concept, which is way different from what is attainable.

As usual, couples celebrating anniversaries would rock lovely matching outfits for their photo-shoot, but this couple went out of the ordinary and wore orange jumpsuits like prisoners.

To make the concept look more real, they held letter boards which reads “5 years served” and “sentenced to life”, and their offense committed was stated as “heart robbery”.

While sharing the photos on social media, the man, Kingsley Egbe wrote in the caption; “Not Every time a perfect picture representing marriage with all the glits and glam of a well tailored suit and gown or some elegant native attire. Truth is sometimes, we all feel like we traded our freedom and we are locked up in it.

“Marriage will shock you, when it reveals who you have been locked up with sometimes. But that is the beauty. What do you do when you are doing it for life? I guess you eventually get used to it, learn to love the little things that mean a lot to you and do all it takes to enjoy every of the rest of that moment. Especially if you have a partner that is willing to do life with you,” he stated.

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