Cynthia Morgan Demands for her Money from Jude Okoye

Nigerian music star Cynthia Morgan went live on Instagram as she demanded for her money from her former boss, Jude Okoye.  The singer who was formerly signed to Jude Okoye’s Northside Entertainment was seen having an exchange with an unidentified person at an undisclosed location.

Cynthia Morgan was heard saying that Jude Okoye should give her the money that he is owing her. She went further state that Jude Okoye went live on the internet and told everyone that she is owing him some money while in the other way round it is Jude Okoye that is owing her money.

While Cynthia Morgan was ranting on the live chat video, they was an unidentified male voice who told the aggrieved singer that Jude Okoye will not be able to give her the money if she goes live on Instagram.

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