Davido Beats Up Chioma Mercilessly Over 4th Baby Mama

Rumours are currently spreading widely and making the round across the entertainment industry that popular Nigerian music star, David Adeleke popularly known as Davido and his Fiancee, Chioma Avril Rowland aren’t on good terms anymore. As reported by popular Nigerian blogger, Stella Dimokorkus, the duo are allegedly no longer a couple for now due to circumstances beyond their control.

According to Stella Dimokorkus, the love birds do not live in the same house anymore. It was further alleged that Chioma did not have COVID 19 as earlier claimed by Davido few months ago. It was also reported that Davido had beaten his Fiancee Chioma Rowland mercilessly over his fourth baby mama and the story was a coy to make Nigerians to believe something else in order to hide the slap marks and punch marks.

It would be recall that Chioma had joined Davido to shame his other baby mamas. However, we are not sure if the cane that was used to flog the first and second baby mamas has been waiting by the corner to flog her too.

Just last week ago, it was alleged that Davido welcomed a new child with his 4th baby mama and this incident didn’t ring well on Chioma who felt cheated, betrayed and disappointed. Davido and Chioma are no longer as active as they used to be on their social media handles and Chioma has recently began to disable comments from her page because of trolls, while trying to recover from the slaps and punches plastered on her face by Davido.

Due to this controversial misunderstanding and domestic violence between the two couples, Chioma has decided to officially end her relationship with Davido and parked out of Davido Banana Island mansion. Chioma confirmed that she never tested positive to the Coronavirus pandemic as they made everyone believed. She also revealed that Davido beat her up all the time and the bruises on her face is because of the beaten she received from Davido.  With all this saga trending on social media, there are strong indications that all is not well with the relationship between famous Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido and his fiancee, Chioma Rowland.

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