Davido Buys Mansion In Banana Island With A Private Lift

Nigerian music star David Adeleke popularly known as Davido has just acquired a mansion in Banana Island with a Private Lift worth over millions of naira. It is not clear how much the new mansion cost but it is on record that properties located in Banana Island cost fortunes to acquire.

Nigeria music star, Davido has gotten for himself a new mansion located in the Banana Island axis of Lagos State in the south western part of Nigeria which happens to be the most expensive neighborhood in the whole of Africa.

In a series of videos shared via his official Instagram stories on Friday, May 29, 2020, Davido took his friends and colleagues on a guided tour of his new home. The house which is located in the exclusive highbrow area of Lagos Island has a variety of interesting features. One outstanding feature of Davido’s new home is the private lift.

In one of the photos, Davido stated that he has always wanted a home with a private lift. We guess he put his money where his mouth is. It is not clear how much the new crib costs, but the value of properties in the extremely exclusive area in Lagos cost billions of naira. Davido went further to state that the use he money he realized from singing Banana to buy a mansion in Banana Island.

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